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Bert Dudley
I was officially initiated into Wicca on Summer Solstice, 1978. In '81, I was given 3rd and became HP of a new coven in Seattle. The coven tried out various names but eventually settled on StarWyrm, which it is still known by at this time. It is still in existence to this day, though some of us are turning wrinkly and take our teeth out at night. With the help of my wife (Shadowhawk), I wrote The Spell of Making, published in '98. It is a definitive work on ritual construction and 'required reading' for several schools of Wicca/Paganism. I've given many classes and workshops on that subject as well as many others over the years at various festivals and bookstores. I first began writing about Pagan things in 1980, sending monthly articles to the Georgian Newsletter, which was a mimeographed! newsletter mailed out monthly from California. Then we got a computer and a modem. Bulletin boards were the beginning of what we now call blogs and I was there nearly every day, putting in my two cents worth. I was a Wiccan delegate to the Washington State Interfaith Council for seven years and director of Religious Affairs for the Aquarian Tabernacle Church for nine. I am still HP of StarWyrm. By the way, StarWyrm 'invented' Yule Feast back in 1980. It originally was 'disguised' under the Society for Creative Anachronism, but seven or eight years later we took it out of the closet and presented it as a Pagan event without any veils. Since the first Yule Feast, it has been copied and the 'tradition' spread without us ever having to do anything to help it. Recently, StarWyrm handed over production to one of our daughter covens and it has now enjoyed their new leadership for the past two years.

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