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Rev. Merrie Hutchins, PhD (Boudicca Andarta) A northern Michigan resident, Rev. Merrie Hutchins (Boudicca Andarta) has been a practitioner of Witchcraft for more than a quarter of a century. Serving the Pagan community, she is an ordained minister, an ordained Priestess of the goddess Artio through the Fellowship of Isis and a certified Ministerial Counselor as well as certified in Motivational Meditation. Currently a author, she has also contributed to other publications including Pent*A*Gram, The Crossroads Torchlight, Celtic Whispers E-Zine, Hoof and Horn Magazine, The Seeker Journal, The Compass Rose, Faeries and Angels Magazine and Circle Magazine. She strives to eradicate misconceptions and educate the public as to what Paganism and Witchcraft truly is. She was interviewed for a local public access documentary and the Northwestern Michigan College’s “White Pine Press”. She has joined Pagan many groups including AREN (the Alternative Religions Education Network), the WLPA (the Witch’s League of Public Awareness) , PEN (the Pagan Educational Network) , and WARD (Witches Against Religious Discrimination) . Boudicca also is a long-time sponsor of the Witches’ Voice. CONTACT INFORMATION Email: BoudiccaAndarta (at) gmail (dot) com Website: FaceBook:

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