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Jennifer Marshall
I am a Kitchen Witch with an obsession with stones. I have been collecting stones since I was a child. When I was younger I never knew why I loved them so much, but as an adult I have come to appreciate the innate power within each stone. To this day I still have the very first stone that my grandfather and grandmother gave to me; a small piece of Petrified Wood that looks like a fingernail. In my collection I easily have over 1000 stones. That doesn't include either of my daughter's collections. It is hard to find a place in my house that doesn't have stones in them. They have even migrated to my desk at work. My eldest daughter is a member of our local rock club and I volunteer a lot of time there helping the kids learn about gemstone lore. My obsession with stones has motivated me to expand my knowledge of stones to the point that I can oftentimes tell what a stones properties are long before I understand what the stone's name is. This has given me quite the reputation in my area; I have taught beginner classes on working with stones, created mojo bags through my business, and even put together Chakra kits to work with. If there is a problem I can more then likely recommend a stone to help with it. Every pregnant woman in my life gets a Unikite and every newborn receives a Red Jasper. Stones are a part of almost every aspect of my life.

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