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Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to comment, I love feedback. I am currently a college student studying fashion merchandising, and have always loved the drama and glamor of the fashion industry, much like the Gods and Goddesses of our planet. I have always thought that these beings have contributed greatly to the world and deserve much respect and attention. Most of all I think they are all within us, and urge us everyday to connect with our own inner God or Goddess. We are all divine beings. They are there willing to help us awaken our true selves. So now that I'm done with my bit of lecturing, I'll say some other things about me....I am a full on cat lady, who loves to drink coffee and listen to great music. Music is very inspiring and special to me because it has always caused such a stir of emotions and visions. Aside from music, I am easily inspired by almost anything, good or bad. Having a mind like this does make it difficult to focus, but at least I'm never bored! When I'm not engulfed in my minds own world I love to shop and buy sparkly things. I have a massive and growing collection of vintage nick-knacks and clothes, that is borderline hoarding. Although I enjoy the eclectic mess, so in my opinion its hoarding unless you can't see the floor. I guess I should mention the fact that I have been Pagan since I was 15, and haven't stopped learning since. I am so grateful for the many mentors and divine beings I have worked with over the years, because without them I would have never discovered my divine worth. This is the most rewarding and healing path I could have ever been given, and I feel very blessed to walk it with the lovely people of our Pagan community. My goal in the next two years is to make my "eclectic mess" into a boutique and begin my practice of Goddess readings in Massachusetts. Come visit me! Brightest Blessings

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