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Diana Lynn Kekule
Diana Lynn Kekule is a Nature Intuitive and visionary writer. She received an Honorable Mention for her poem, “Geese Fortitude”, in the 2010 Great Poems of the Western World anthology. Diana is dedicated to intuitive communion with the natural world, and sharing these inspiring universal messages filled with hope, harmony, and love. These gifts, through unity with Nature, can help humanity discover a path to wholeness in the joyous Spirit of One Life. As a co-creator of Goddess Circles, Diana celebrates the Divine Feminine, and the creative Magick of Goddess Gaia, Mother Nature, through all Her glorious seasons. Diana is an enthusiastic activist, committed to the conscious stewardship of Sacred Mother Earth and all her beings. As a devoted lifetime student of spiritual unity arts, she is motivated towards global transformation through conscious living with all life as an illuminating channel to the Divine within all beings, and our beautiful, Infinite Selves.

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