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David H. Isakson II
Born and raised in the Great State of Washington with a few excursions outside the state including an honorable discharge after seven and one half years active duty in the US Army of an eight year obligation. Bored with school and fed up with non-caring education staff I dropped out of the eighth grade in '86 and six months later I had my G.E.D. after joining Job Corps where I learned to weld and honed my automotive mechanics skills. My first college experience was in Job Corps with an extension campus of Lockyear College(Evansville, IN) in Clearfield, Utah. From there I foolishly turned down a good paying job at an automotive manufacturing plant to forge out on my own in Amarillo, Texas. Naturally that plan flopped and I was forced to join the Army to prevent from ending up on the street, I was 19 and the first Gulf War was about to kick off. Sure enough, in January of '91 not more than three weeks into basic training Desert Storm started, I was pulling KP duty when the news came in and ironically I was pulling KP when the war ended. My only real world deployment as a soldier was Bosnia where I was attached to an Airborne Infantry Battalion based out of Italy. After the Army I got a job delivering pizza and went to the local community college where I got my Associates Degree in Business Information Technology. My final excursion outside of Washington thus far was in 2001, I had moved to Michigan with my wife at the time and lived there for about four months. I was at work in Kalkaska, sweeping the walk ways in an open air produce market when the 9/11 attacks happened. My passion for writing is only matched for my passion for computers, it's a toss up between which I love more but they compliment each other well. I find it hard to attach my self to any one particular genre so I tend to be eclectic in my interests. If there was one word that I could use to describe my self it would be Empathy. For as long as I can remember I have been able to feel what others feel and it has shaped my life as much as everything else has.

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