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Erin Martinez
Erin Martinez (ravenheart) Born on October 11th 1979 its been a long path of obstacles since the last time i was a featured artists here at pagan pages. i have grown in many artistic ways. i have now learned that painting well is also being well, being everything i can be, and living life they way i want to live my life. i am happy and healthy and there for the ravens have become bigger and stronger, my art is truly a reflection who i am and what is to come, i try to paint my dreams and visions in a way to make you feel and or see what i see. though my dreams and visions are not always beautiful , in my art i try to give the effect of an enchanted dream. i know have started to paint owl's , they give me a sense of good energy and what is to come. if you sit silent and gaze into a painting of mine, listen to the silent story it will tell. www.artinblood.com [email protected]

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