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Merry Meet! My name is Faith, I was given the name when I found my path as a pagan because so much is based in Faith, not just magick. My mundane background is an Enrollment Advisor for a University, and I'm currently working on my BA in English, then on to my MAED! My magical background is a touch different! I am an Eclectic Witch, with education in Eclectic Witchcraft, Some Hearthcraft, Wicca; with a small amount of Asatru, Buddhism, Yoruba and Celtic-Druidic Witchcraft. I'm currently being trained under the Fire Rose Tradition, and am a High Priestess of my own Coven, as well as the Watcher in another! I have one blog, it's the journey of a new High Priestess in the Desert. I love movies, I love reading and writing. My passion's though are Photography and Painting!!

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