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Richard was born and raised as a Catholic in Cleveland, Ohio, in an area bordering the suburb of Garfield Heights. The year was 1943, in the midst of World War II, with the world in major turmoil. The Steam Locomotives were dying out and Diesel Engines were taking over on the ground. Meanwhile, in the air ... Jet Engines started a new trend in transportation. As a teenager, he grew up in a time of change, wearing jeans and square toed loafers and was labeled a Greaser. His thoughts of the future were to be an Automotive Mechanic. His parents were Catholic [in name only] and did not pressure him in any particular religious direction; this allowed him to see the world without any preformed ideals. After graduating High School in 1961, he started working for the next door neighbor who owned a print shop. Several years later, during the height of the Race Riots within the inner city, he became a Graphic Arts Instructor in the Cleveland School System. Throughout it all, he found himself relying solely upon his instincts, which years later {& in Hindsight…} he realized was simply his Inner Voice. In 1964, Richard & Charlotte were married & had two boys. They raised their sons in the Polish Catholic environment which enveloped both of their families. Twenty-five years later, when Charlotte was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she admitted to Richard that she had always known that she would die at a young age. Still, when she passed away in the late 80's, Richards' world collapsed. This reality ended up taking him in a direction of mental awareness that many people would find very difficult to see, in their everyday lives. Ultimately, he was taken through a series of “classes” that brought him to realize a new way of experiencing our world. Interestingly, there are many threads to many different schools of thought, from various strains of Christianity to Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam & Judaism. In 2001, he met his missing link … beyond the spectrum of Color and Light. Mandi a.k.a. Zen, seemed to open the door to a new world of adventure for him. He was introduced to a world of Free Thinking that seemed to coincide with the inner aspects and remote parts of the mind, that he had been exploring. Finding themselves at opposite ends of the spectrum {in many ways} did not discourage their natural union, but instead, supplied the strength to expand their thoughts even further. Ultimately, his teachings lean towards the format of Eastern Philosophy. Presently, he lives off grid, on the beach in Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Far away from the hustle and bustle of modern day society. Today, Richard's office faces the alluring view & serene sounds of the Caribbean Sea.

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