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Hally Rhiannon Nammu
In addition to being a writer/author, Hally is a passionate Power Life Coach/Spiritual Healer. “My journey has stretched far and wide. After many years I endeavoured to find my place and ultimately understand my purpose through researching and studying Witchcraft, Paganism, the Paranormal, Spiritual Energetics, Tarot, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and I am now undertaking my accreditation in Metaphysics. I provide Spiritual Readings and Spiritual Coaching. This includes channelling from the ethereal, guides or universe, providing healing and alignment to all aspects of self. I also provide Power Life Coaching using a unique technique that was developed through using NLP, Life Coaching, Performance Coaching and Timeline Therapy to gain optimal results, only available through my company, Creative Balance. The ultimate journey for me is to be one with myself. The more I am the more I can assist others on their quest to fulfill their purpose and find the answers that each of us individually seek". For more info: [email protected] or feel free to visit my websites: www.creativebalance.com.au and www.creativebalancehealing.com

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