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Heather Miles
Hello my name is Heather Miles and I have three beautiful children. I live in the country outside of a little town in Ohio, and I love to sit outside under the apple tree in our yard and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature. Just the other day I rescued a chipmunk from the clutches of my kitty, and took him to safety, thankful he did not bite me. It was a wonderful day that got even better as it progressed, because I found 4 more four leaf clovers. This is not a normal thing for me and highly unusual. I have lived in Ohio most of my adult life, but as a child I was raised in Alabama. I enjoy everyday walks with nature, and love to hear the beauty she shares. I love to spend time with my family and to watch my beautiful daughter as she grows. She is my Light and a miracle that I am Blessed to have.

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