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Hoi Sum
Merry Meet Friends! My name is Rebecca, but I also go by Hoi Sum. Hoi Sum means joy or happiness in Cantonese. My mundane background is in the education field. I currently work for a graduate medical university, where I help develop curriculum and create online classrooms. I am also a yoga teacher. As for my magickal background I am an eclectic witch. My main witchcraft interests lie in Dianic Wicca and Hoodoo. I mostly practice as a solitary witch, but am an initiate in the Healing Waters family coven (based in Texas), and am a member of Rising Phoenix Tradition. I am a Scorpio and am a vegan (most of the time anyway). I love to read, collect comics, ride motorcycles, pole dance, belly dance, do yoga, and write. In addition to writing for Pagan Pages, I also write on my three blogs, Bex’s Hexes (my Pagan blog), Goddess Guru (my yoga blog), and Geek Goddess (my comic book blog).

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