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I was born in New York City a month after the atrocious bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I read a child's version of Xenophon's Anabasis and the early books of Livy's History of Rome when I was 11 and fell in love with Greece and Rome, and polytheism. We moved to California when I was 12 and I lived in Los Angeles in my teens. Had a temporary bout with fundamentalist Christianity, broke away at 18 and have been pagan ever since. I moved to San Diego to go to college and lived there till my early fifties. I was an early Tolkien-er at Los Angeles City College and an early Castaneda-freak from 1968 till the news came out that he was a fraud. In 1968 I discovered, or was shown, the way to redirect my sensory attention so as to begin recovering the pagan way of perceiving the world. That has been my path ever since. I include exercises from it in the course I will be teaching. Reading Walter F. Otto's The Homeric Gods completely converted me to polytheism. I went in for witchcraft in 1994 and helped found a coven a couple of years later in Vista, California. Would still be active in the Craft if I were living near a coven. I belong to the Pagan Federation International and have recently completed a paper on Roman domestic piety as it can be practiced in the present day. I hope to see it on their online site soon, www.pfi.org. I love to teach others and am an ultra-liberal teacher. No grades, no tests.

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