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Jackie Corcoran
Since she was a young girl, Jackie Corcoran has been aware of the Universe and all it holds. Discovering her Guardian Angel at seven years old set her on the path she walks today. From studying palmistry, numerology and hand-writing analysis in her early teens, to runes, tarot, herbology, and most recently, druidry and alchemy, she continues to learn the way of the ancients. A 2007 move to Ireland with her husband and youngest son, the Celtic history buff has had plenty to explore. Encouraged by her family and friends, she has agreed to share her unique vision and spirit in her first ever Tour of the Ring of Kerry this November for Kindred Spirit Tours. An aspiring novelist and published poet, her works have been included in the Immortal Verses Series in 2007 & 2008. Her poem Magic Night ã 2007 won a Best Poems of 2007 award and she is a Distinquished member of the International Society of Poets. She has also had crossword-itis for as long as she can remember, and has just started honing her word lists and creating some of the best Pagan Puzzles to bend your mind and stimulate your spirit. The mother of four and new grandmama lives in the mountains of County Kerry, Ireland, where she pursues her writing, sculpting and painting. Contact via email welcome at [email protected]

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