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I'm a 45 yr old male. I've been a solitary eclectic Wiccan. I specialize in healing and protection. I think of love spells of the type that aren't meant to make a person fall in love with you, to keep your significant other/ lover with you against their will, stuff of that sort are a subset of healing. Spells for healing a broken heart, learning to love yourself more, bringing love into your life, bringing soul mates/twin flames together are healing spells. I'm also an empath. I learned that I was an empath when i was in 10th grade.  When i was about 12 I learned that I was a healer due to a friend's cat getting into some chemicals. My worry about the cat and her eyesight activated my instinctual use of my healing gifts. After that it was years before i started using my healing gifts again, at least consciously. In the years since, I've learned to control both my empathic and healing gifts to some degree. I've also learned some 'advanced' uses of my empathic gifts, for instance, creating a ball of empathic energy and throwing it into the air to help sense a particular energy better. I have also learned that for a healing working, either I need to be with the person or have their pic for the best results. I can do a working without the person, pic, signature, etc but I won't be able to focus very well.

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