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Jade Owl’s Cottage Hello everyone, I am Jade Owl. I am a 44 yr old retired truck driver, a mother to a Basset Hound with issues…lol and am planning my June 2014 wedding to the love of my life. He is a trucker too and I ride with him most of the time. (Unless I need a vacation, in which case I bug my sister or mom) You will never know where my next column will come to you from, one month it could be Georgia and the next it could be Oregon. I have been on my witchy path for about 15 yrs and am a very ecletic witch. I don’t adhere to any one path, but use from many different ones. But if we have to put a name to it then I am a kitchen witch. I can hear you now… yeah right, a kitchen witch without a kitchen! In my defense it has not always nor will that always be the case. I will have my BIG kitchen one day. However I do still cook in the truck and try to use herbs and such in my cooking, I am just limited on space. A word of caution here: You will hear me talk about herbs for medicinal and culinary use. PLEASE check to make sure you and the ones for whom you are using them ARE NOT allergic or sensitive. Herbs are great but people can have problems with some of them. I am in no way a doctor nor should you take my word on the subject as law. DO your research!!! That being said, I hope you enjoy my column. I love to hear from my readers so if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] gmail.com Blessed Light to all, Jade Owl

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