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33-year-old Empath, medium, & Tarot reader. Wife of going on 12 years. I've written spells for Broadsword Comics' book “Tarot:Witch of the Black Rose” ( see issues #48 & #54 ). I've been openly practicing the Craft since 1987, although I feel like I was a Witch before I learned what the word meant! I have Irish heritage & a strong past-life connection to Ireland, so it made since for me to start out on a strongly Celtic Path. My partner is Eclectic but works primarily with the Greek pantheon. When we met & the relationship looked like it was getting serious, I made more of an effort to get to know his 'friends' better ( so to speak ) & something just clicked internally. I found my true spiritual home w/ the Greeks. I have followed a Greek Path since 1994 & have been a self-dedicated priestess of Artemis since 2005.

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