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Jennie Johnston
I am lover of nature and a simple living advocate. Raised on a dairy farm in rural Quebec, Canada, I ran in the fields and dropped stones into streams during my childhood. After finishing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001, I followed a calling to move to the west coast of Canada where I now reside with my husband and our young son. My path to paganism began in university where I studied the Goddess art movement of the seventies and began to read about Eco-feminism. In nature spirituality I found the language to best describe what was inside me all along. I am a solitary witch with many pagan friends and an open mind. My art practice is an essential part of my pagan practice and these days it surfaces in many projects including writing, sewing practical items and dreaming of future art projects. I am passionate about so many things that it often makes my head spin. Some of my interests include: gardening, green living, attachment parenting, fiber arts, feminism and I am a voracious reader. I intend to become a full time artist when my child/children are in school but for now I am on the great adventure of full time parenting. You can visit my blog at: http://chasingdomesticbliss.blogspot.com

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