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Born and raised in suburban Sydney, the writing of poetry began seriously at the age of eight years old, inspired by the desire to express emotion, following a traumatic event. After years of journal and letter writing, and the study of short story writing through correspondence, a work related RSI made writing for extended periods extremely painful and difficult. This created the need for writing to become more summarized, more minimal, and it was then a conscious decision was made to become a poet. Publication in various anthologies, newspapers, and newsletters (regional, national, and international) followed, with the first publication of poetry occurring in a local newspaper (1992), followed by the first publication within an anthology (1994), and first performed public reading of original works at the NSW Writers Centre, Sydney (1991). While employed as a Teachers Aide, the establishment of creative writing groups for gifted and talented students within a number of NSW public and independent schools was undertaken, while also utilising poetry to develop literacy skills in special needs’ students. Other occupations which have interacted with the writing experience include working as a Library Assistant, Yoga Teacher, Cultural Heritage Consultant, Tour Guide, and Environmental Worker. Issues and interests commonly explored include death/spirituality, environmental,/cultural heritage, self/identity and political/social themes. Presently developing works exploring the relationships between the word and the symbol, and working on self publishing a first collection of poems.

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