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Kathryn Cranston Website: http://faeriekat.wordpress.com Details: I came to The Craft in 1974. There were few magical resources back then, especially for a 15 year old, but I was determined, I had Paul Huson’s book, Mastering Witchcraft, access to Mother Earth News and the public library, and one friend who shared my enthusiasm. By the time we got to college, she drifted away into the world of art and I continued my explorations in English literature and folklore, mythology, archeology, philosophy, anthropology, etymology, ancient and medieval history, botany, world religion, and various other fields that strengthened and supported my spiritual path and growth in The Craft. In the mid-80s, I chose to begin working specifically with fae energies and my Craftwork blossomed. Although I didn’t have the benefit of his teaching or books, my Craft developed along the lines of R.J. Stewart’s Western Tradition and I incorporate much of what is recognized as Green, or Natural, Witchcraft. However, I really don’t adhere to any traditional form of witchcraft, preferring to live my craft and let my intuition and experience, along with my fae guides, inform me as I go along. If I were living in medieval times, I think I would probably be akin to the lightly-touched village wise woman around whom you sometimes see things out of the corners of your eyes, who listens to trees and talks to plants, collects oddly shaped stones, wanders in the woods alone for hours, and cheerfully dispenses advice and magic in equal measures. In fact, I think that’s just who I might have been!

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