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Lori-Lee Craig
Lady M (Lori-Lee Craig) – Tarot Card reader Has been a professional Tarot Reader since 1992. She works with the Dragon Tarot Cards to answer your questions with out knowing what your question is. Lady M is a feature reader at the Mystic Spa held in Burlington Ontario. You can find her free daily tarot card readings on her blog Dreaming of Dragons and other magical things. She is also has a website, Medieval Magic. Lady M enjoys being able to help people with her readings and insights. www.medievalmagic.ca - Unique Jewellery and more http://dreamingofdragonsandothermagic.blogspot.com/ - Free daily tarot card reading www.mysticspa.ca - Mystic Spa is a gathering of mystical/spiritual readers, healers and helpers, who offer their services at a central location once a month

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