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Those who know me personally would say I am quirky, full-of-life, and always give you the unexpected! Born and proudly raised in East Tennessee, I have been studying and researching what many would consider the darker arenas of magick. Of course, my long standing argument for my work and studies is always the following: One must know the other side to better confront or understand it. Someone has to do the dirty work, and with my quirky and stubborn attitude, I feel I am up to the challenges I may face. First and foremost, I consider myself to be a humble servant of the God Marduk, which helps to explain a little bit about my areas of concentration. These areas of expertise include astral projection, Babylonian magick, demonology from both a science and magickal standpoint, and otherkin. I love to work with stones, and I read Tarot from time to time. I am hoping to join a worthwhile ghost hunting team so I can use my knowledge of demonology to assist others in need. With the whirlwind of interests presented here, some would argue that I jump from Path to Path, but I just think being a unique mutt is great! In regards to my mundane life, I love to read, write, create jewelry, paint, and spend time in the Great Smoky Mountains. I enjoy researching anything in regards to ancient history, especially subjects concerning the Mesopotamian area. One would think I would have graduated the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with some sort of history or English degree, but surprisingly, my transcript shows a major in finance with a concentration in religious studies. I am the happy mother of six adorable furkids and was blessed with a baby girl on April Fool’s Day this year! My husband, who is both my hero and friend, has been by my side officially since Halloween 2005. We happily celebrate his Okinawan and samurai heritage by implementing the culture into our everyday lives. Lastly, I celebrate the fact that I am friends with everyone from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe. I have wonderful pals from Oregon all the way to Italy! I constantly keep in touch with these beautiful people, and I wanted to make sure their loyalty and friendship is clearly shown for all to see. They are, after all, just mislocated family! If you would like to contact me to ask or discuss any of my articles, you may by using the email address [email protected] Please include the words “Vampire Column” in the email subject line. I am a strong believer in education, and thus, no question is too silly.

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