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Lavender Moon
Lavender Moon is a Light worker. They are considered to be ’light beings’ or ’earth angels’, who serve a divine truth for earth’s wellbeing. As a child she could see past this world into something else, and grew to learn about herbs from her interest in gardens from a young age. Taught by her great-grandparents, who were also gifted in the magical arts. They taught love before anything else, which has stayed with her throughout her life. Lavender has been an Aromatherapist, yet can become easily bored due to her life purpose and has since gone down many other paths. She has been Wiccan for more than 7years, since her great-grandmother passed from this world and journeyed to the next. Lavender’s talents stem from Tarot, crystal healing, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, energy healing, meditation, yoga and many other forms. She has begun to learn dragon and herbal lore. Being an eclectic witch has shown her many other perspectives. She likes learning about other faiths, and has respect for other’s who are open-minded to other’s views. She would one day soon now, like to teach Aromatherapy to pass her knowledge onto others. She doesn’t have a website, but she’d like one. You can contact her at the magazine, if you would like to.

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