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Barry Goldman
I've been a witch for over 45 years I was coven initiated into Gardner's belief but since that time i broke away from the ritualistic org. and incorporated my own feelings and beliefs into the way I do ritual now. When I was younger I formed two covens one in Tulsa and one in phoenix, since then I dislocated my self from them and created a circle in corpus christi with my daughter and son and some friends who did ritual and who I initiated for the circle....a circle is less organized than a coven which was fine with me then, my daughter doesn't live as close as she did and her family is taking up most of her time now and she doesn't hardly make it to the sabbats, my son joined the marines but is still a wiccan, and my other friends have gotten married and moved away leaving me doing solitary ritual now, which I don't mind...groups have too many issues going on that I rather not deal with again, for now.I am an ordained wiccan minister. I gave a class in Wicca101,and gave that up after a couple years a friend gave me a very old BOS about 5 generations old that originated in the Isle of green, and I spent a lot of time and still do trying to study from it which is very hard because of a lot of reasons its age the language and the way they describe various things...my friend passed on a while back and he was very wise and he is missed.

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