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My name is Lucy Drake and I have been practising witchcraft for 31 years. I started on this path at a very tender age but even if I feel uncomfortable admitting it has indeed been 30 years, it is the truth. Yet because of this I have also been teaching, supporting and guiding for 21 years. I practice Celtic Fae witchcraft, not only because I have been blessed by the fair folk all my life but because my I grew up in it's unique culture and landscape. Of course having Welsh parents, and Irish grandparents probably had a little influence too. Poetry and the power of words and songs comes as naturally to me as breathing does to others. Over the years I have had solo students, covens and groups, open circles, psychic circles and one off workshops. I found myself frustrated by the holes of practical knowledge in most witchcraft books. After copious notes and many notebooks I decided to write the parts I felt were missing. I wrote my book The Key: Opening the Doorway to Magickal Practice. It wasn't a disaster, but it wasn't easy either. After self-publishing not one, but two books, I did re-published my first book The Key, into its much improved format.

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