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Lynn O'Brien
My name is Lynn O’Brien and I am pleased to be writing for Pagan Pages!! I am a married to a wonderful man who excepts me as I am; I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls. We are fortunate enough to live close to a major city, but still far enough away to be considered living in the country. I work out of the home doing bookkeeping and some advertising, all the while running my own jewelry business which I co-own with my mother. I have followed my own eclectic path since 1999. A major influence was meeting two cousins from the South who helped open my eyes to what I already had known deep in my heart. I could not nor would I ever again follow the Christian path. I had known things from when I was a child, being sensitive to others’ feelings, being sensitive to certain environments and situations. I was lucky to find a man who supports me in my beliefs, even if he doesn’t follow them. He even supports me in teaching our children my beliefs, and then letting them choose for themselves when they “know” and feel what is right. I look forward to connecting with you in future articles, and I am pleased to meet you!! I am on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/ravenwind1978, and on Covenspace at http://ravenwind.covenspace.com.

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