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My name is Marisol Velasco and I have been a reader since the age of 15. Although I believe that everyone is born with intuitive and psychic abilities I also believe many people lose their connection or choose to ignore messages a lot of the times they push them aside as gut feelings which as we all know are often ignored. For me at an early age I had become aware of my connection to these abilities. Coming from a family with a history in spiritualism I was never told or taught that this ability was anything other than normal. By the age of 15 I regularly had people coming to me for advice and asking for intuitive readings often during these readings I would connect to messages from those that have passed on. My connection to the soul has been so strong that I later became an Ordained Interfaith Minister with the ULC. I also found I had a passion for keeping the spirit calm and healthy obtaining my teaching certification in transformation meditation. I was also trained in Raja Yoga and Reiki 1. For the past 20yrs I have worked as an intuitive life coach providing readings and relaxation methods for many. Many people do not fully understand what intuitive readings are. Let me start by telling you what it's not. As a reader I am not here to tell you that your future is carved in stone nor am I here to tell you everything is perfect and great. My job as a reader is to guide you through your life journey, using my abilities to work with you as you heal and reconnect with your spirit. http://www.readings2011.webs.com http://www.mystilettos.wordpress.com http://www.stilettoteez.com

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