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[email protected] Hello and MM, My name is Eric and I have been practicing as a Celtic Shaman for a number of years. I have been Pagan pretty much my entire life and was born on a small forty-acre farm in the mountains of WA State. I was raised Assembly of God throughout my childhood but was always drawn more to the forest, and as a child after church would run to ground and follow the animals around. I loved the country life and never fit in mainstream religion as my parents could tell you. When I started reading philosophy and Pagan type books I found the name for what I had been practicing or living the whole time. I learned what I could through books and practiced in the closet as a solitary, although I had friends in town following various paths and involved with various occults. I joined the Army November of 1989 as a medic, and followed the warrior path in Kuwait and Somalia, and had many paranormal events in Germany. This furthered my belief system and showed me new avenues to explore. I was burnt out by death as a medic and exited the Army April of 1994.I met my wife, Michelle, who was raised as a witch, and she furthered my knowledge of the various paths through her life experiences by her childhood training. We agreed it would be better if I came back into the Army for a stable financial life and it was what I loved to do. Our first duty station was back to Germany where I exposed our belief systems a little more and was more drawn to the Wiccan path at that time, as it was basic and easy to grasp: We were stationed in Atlanta, Ga next and I was more vocal by this time and knew more of what I was talking about so got into more and more debates, I also made my SGT stripes there so had a little more pull rank wise to stand up to discrimination issues with other Pagan Soldiers. I was pulled to the Faerie paths by this time and found myself exploring various Faerie traditions. We next went back to Germany one last time, I started a Pagan group in Kitzingen, Germany when the 1ST SGT of the company I was in completely slammed all Pagans and would not let them practice at all. I had no issues as we practiced in our home, but when there are single soldiers living in barracks they have no alternatives. When it was all said and done I had established Pagan breakfasts once a month and we held the first open and public Yule celebration on the Installation Airfield ever done with thirteen Pagan families. We left Germany three months later and the group fell apart as the unit deployed and nobody stood up to take over. We returned to Fort Lewis where we are currently stationed, by this time after so many years and much studying and meditating realized I was actually following a borderline of Shamanism and Witchcraft as my whole life evolved around herbs, stones, earthy elements, and upon meditation was introduced to my totems of Eagle, Badger and Bear. Morrighan introduced Herself to me at this time and I realized through signs that She had always been there quietly waiting for the time She needed to make Herself known. We got orders to Iraq immediately after this. Throughout these various military moves I was becoming more and more vocal about our way of life and was taking no crap from anyone when it came to religious harassment and in that time had two commanders relieved of their duties along with a 1st SGT. I now stand proud that I have two Pagan military groups I have formed that are honorable and that are recognized by many and our Soldiers can openly worship The Ancient Ones. If any are out there that are having issues please get ahold of me and I will do what I do. BB.

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