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44 years old Druid, Healer, Psychic, wife of over 20 years, Mother of seven grandmother of one beautiful grandson (Tegan), University of Phoenix psychology student, pagan educator, online spiritualist shop owner, member of the Fellowship of Isis, seeker of truth, respecter of nature, a friend to all. I am also a professional medium and intuitive, I feel that I have been called to be a pagan educator, helping both young and old alike to discover earth-based spirituality. I am a Scholar of Ovate Studies, Bardic Arts, and Magister of Druidic Arts. The Druidic faith is a powerful part of my being and my one true path. I do intuitive readings using clairaudience (Hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), and clairsentience (feeling) and psychometrics (reading energy thru objects). I am only the courier of the information which I gain by reading your energy and thru your spirit guides. I can and will only give the information that I am given, and I promise to do that to the very best of my ability. Cerridwen Spiritualist Specialty shop!!! Mirror of Isis ~ An Official Fellowship of Isis Publication Contact info: Email: [email protected] MySpace page: MySpace Blog page:

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