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Moss Bliss
[email protected] Moss Bliss is an initiated Wiccan living in Asheville, NC. He has written on the Craft and on many other topics since the mid-1980s, often under another names, much of which is preserved on various sites on the Internet. Moss' personal website is Hauen Ypotame (Hippo Haven), He is also known as a fallible human being, and is diagnosed and on Disability for his "mental illness". He has parlayed these experiences into a life of mental health activism, counseling, and leading self-help groups, and hosts and writes many websites, groups, forums, blogs, etc. He is in his 2nd term as President of Asheville Homeless Network, the nation's only membership organization for the homeless, and serves on many local non-profit boards. He is a known Pagan musician and filker. He tends to have panic attacks when he looks at the list of things he is doing… For more information on bipolar disorder from Moss:

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