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Naya Aerodiode
I've been practicing since 1994, starting out exploring the Craft in my precocious high school years. I self-dedicated while still in high school with a kitchen knife for an athame, and have been passionately exploring the Craft and many other approaches to the magickal arts ever since. Shortly after my self-dedication, I met up with two people who would be lifelong mentors and friends at a bookstore. I immediately found a rapport with them, and was invited to participate in the outer court of their coven – a British Traditional Wicca group. After my obligatory year and a day, I was initiated. Many years after that, I earned my third degree from them. Now, I work with my amazing life-mate and partner, Onix, who was also initiated and elevated to third degree in my upline coven. We have our own coven, The Silver Spiral, which is based in Memphis, TN. I believe that the Gods are all around us and exist as everything that is, that could be, that is thought of and in every dream. I talk to spirits, plants, animals, and the winds. I cherish the trans-formative power of ritual. I seek to hear the voice of the Goddess in everything and everywhere. I seek to make each moment holy, and to find pleasure, joy, and connection in the vast and glorious world around me. I can be found at my blog and coven home page, http://www.silverspiral.org, as @thesilverspiral on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thesilverspiral and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/naya.aerodiode

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