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Edward Cavanaugh
In the mundane world I’m 44 yeas old, happily married, father, 3 girls and a stepson. I am a specialized consultant for multiple insurance companies. Sometimes I work close to my home in the Gulf Coast and sometimes I travel to different places in the US. As a young man I served in the US ARMY and got lucky enough to live in Europe for awhile. For fun I play the electric bass guitar or ride my motorcycle. Due to my professional career in the mundane world, I go by Neognostica in the occult world. I came up with the name because it really reflects what is in my heart. I’m not quite Gnostic….so maybe gnostica? And like Neo of the Matrix, I believe that there is certain information that can help you break free. I have had my Thoth tarot pack for almost 20 years, and am a solitary practioneer of a Golden Dawn/OTO style magickal path for almost 10. The light of my temple is David Griffin’s Ritual Magic Manual, though I have studied Crowley, Regardie, Bardon, Haich, Hotema, Blavatsky, AunWeor, Guirdjeff, and Case to name a few. Mr. Griffin’s system blends Hebrew words of power, Enochian calls, assumption of god-forms, the eucharist, sigils of Invocation, movements, gnosis, and can lead to astral travel, initiation, and even the knowledge & conversation of your holy guardian angel. Modern scholars will say that it was our ignorance that brought the belief that the earth was the center of the solar system. This is a vulgar belief, and is meant for the masses. The initiate has always known how the universe is constructed. This diagram is actually a guide for the magus, and alchemist. Because from our standpoint on earth; this is the blueprint necessary to form the geometry needed for Theurgy or Alchemy. It has been displayed over and over again that ancient cultures spent a lot of time recording the celestial show. These records were kept from the perspective of; from the earth looking up (like the diagram), and how these lights in the sky and their movements affected their people and events. While practicing ritual Magick in my backyard, I quickly discovered that when a solitary planet was nearby, the gnosis would be much better. If the planet was overhead the gnosis was incredible. And also that if the planets were bunched-up close together; not only was mundane life affected but Magick did not achieve its potential result. After researching alchemy for years, I started to relate to the planetary allegories and even recognize the personalities of the planets in the sky above me. Using online and astronomy software I would simply watch the sky. When a planet is waxing or overhead, I would work with that planet. The results have been amazing. IMO there is no comparison to the old method of “planetary days or hours”. Not to discredit them or take away their manna either, just no comparison. There are many who would agree. Planetary Magick has been out of reach for the common occultist unless he/she dedicated themselves to a couple years of prep study, and weeks of study for each individual cosmic body. Well, you may have also heard that “ritual is not necessary”. This statement has come from initiates who after years of practicing ritual Magick do not need ritual to activate their cabbala anymore. IMO; “ritual” is the most potent method of invoking the cosmic forces, but the above statement is true; ritual is not necessary to make contact with the Olympic spirits or their emissaries, nor is ritual necessary to activate daily cabbalistic utterance or high magick. My goal with the Magickal Forecast is to bring what was before reserved for an elite few, and offer it freely to the explorer and the curious occultist. I’m certain that some of the organized groups don’t really like this information being offered so freely, but we live in a new era of silence, and I have taken no oath to any group. Another area that I’m deeply interested in is the cosmic root in all things. While researching Freemasonry, Tarot, and the Tree of Life it seems that I made a personal discovery. If you lay the Tarot cards on the Tree of Life in the correct places you end up with a path and a way to know the entire macrocosm. So in a fever one day I wrote the “Sign of Silence test”. This test is a personal method for the student to discover the universe and how it fits into our life. Also it is an alchemic recipe. When the student follows this particular path in this particular order the result is: growth. Everyone who has taken the test has reported benefit from the subtle to the astonishing. You can find the test here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=67097&id=100000925228377 There are so many things that I could go on & on. So I will just give y’all some brief highlights. I am a staff member at http://www.realmsofmagick.com/rom where I help in the reader’s corner and also their Halls of Learning. They also publish the Magickal Forecast and a Tarot Card of the Week write-up. The dream is to eventually synthesize all of it in a book. The work is in progress now. I invite you to explore Neo’s Blog in the photos section at my facebook. There you will find the ongoing tarot write-ups, the Magickal Forecast, and various rituals, meditations, and all kinds of occulted stuff. http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=100000925228377 It is wonderful to be a part of paganpages and I welcome all questions and feedback. Ate up with the mysteries, Neognostica July 2010

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