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I started down my pagan path several years ago, after having been introduced to it by a dear friend of mine. At first I thought it was about learning about nature, "connecting" with it, and learning about the rituals and what I was "supposed" to do to be pagan. Little did I know it was going to be an intense and very deep soul searching journey and an awakening unto my true self. I am a friend, a father, a "Mr. Fixit". I was born into this lifetime 40 years ago, but this is not my first life. My journey this time has been a lesson in emotional control, and ultimately, in embracing the divine in myself. It's easy as a man to see the masculine side of divinity. The feminine side, that is in all of us, male or female, is a little more difficult for us to understand, much less embrace. We are taught by our patriarchal society that to be a man and to embrace anything deemed feminine makes us weak and "less" of a man. This could not be further from the truth. As I give my perspective on the divine feminine, as well as the masculine, I will be exposing many deep and personal feelings. From a male perspective, embracing concepts such as being a "goddess" and "mother" may seem alien, but I hope to show that not only are those things inside of EVERY man, as well as in women, but they should be nurtured and incorporated into our lives as we interact with others that join us on our journey through this life.

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