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I come from a family of story-tellers & i remember telling stories to myself when I was bored sitting in church or when I couldn't sleep as a child. I always loved to read & I started writing as soon as I could hold a pen. I have lived in buffalo, ny most of my life but I have been to many other places ... either physically or astrally. I am a true buffalo gal, having my sun in taurus. (my moon is in pisces & I have cancer rising, so I love the water ... my two great lakes & the niagara river that connects them). since childhood, I have loved the outdoors & in my adulthood, I have learned to hunt & fish & garden successfully. I can read the signs of birds & animals, the weather patterns & the lay of the land. I believe divination comes from earliest people's attempts to control their hunting, fishing & gardening outcomes. I have an AAS degree from erie community college & a BA from the state university of new york at buffalo. I blog at [email protected] I have been reading tarot cards since 1988. I toss the i-ching & i toss dice. my grandmother read tea leaves & it is one of my dearest wishes to learn that skill. when you meet a person, there are dozens of ways of reading them, some of which are unconscious. to bring these into consciousness & to learn new ways of knowing is my mission.

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