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[email protected] Porphyry is an elected officer in a Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) fellowship. While considering himself a traditionalist when it comes to Pagan matters, he staunchly defends the need for eclecticism and an open mind in all our Pagan workings. An archive of his writings can be found at his web site pagantheology.com, at http://www.pagantheology.com/Writings.html Pagan Theology Pagan theology is a column that grows out of what I think is a need for more substantial and philosophical discussion about the underlying tenants of the modern neo-Pagan movement. While recognizing the poetry of many of the elders, and the wisdom of a subset of those, I feel we need to get beyond the questions about where to put the wand or what flavor of incense to burn. We need to be able to articulate our beliefs clearly and forcefully in the landscape of ideas. This column is my effort to put my thoughts where my mouth is. While I try my cynical and irreverent best to keep the column lively, it is not written for those with casual interest in the topic, or a limited set of experiences in religious philosophy, theology, or the intellectual world in general. There is a lot available that deals with our religion at its most basic level: its time for us to graduate and move on. The discussion will make our religion stronger, and us better.

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