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Rhoda Wright
: I come from a line of witches, not the "My aunt was the 47th person killed in Salem and I'm her reincarnation" type of thing but literally witches. My mom used Chanel #5 as her annointing oil because it wasn't easily available then. She is completely self taught and one kick-ass witch! Then there is my lapsed Catholic Grandmother who read playing cards with perfection, had prophetic dreas that were never wrong, and made great lasagna,lol!! My oldest daughter is an empath, but she's in denial, and my youngest daughter began being able to see and communicate with people who had passed over at about the age of five. My niece is also Wiccan as is her husband. Even though my mother was Wiccan it was always up to us as to which path we wished to follow, and I'm about as natural a witch as I could possibly be. I was truly blessed that spirit made it clear to me early on that this was my spiritual home. I also am an empath

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