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What does a love of Travel, Divination, Comparative Religion and Ancestry have in common? Well for Rebecca Sommers, these unlikely combinations provide a rich background in the ability to see the interconnectedness of life. After visiting sacred sites in Ireland and the Orkneys Islands, Rebecca started planning similar trips for others. Rebecca believes that travel to sacred sites connects us to our past. "Our ancestors still speak to us across time with the messages they have left for us, clues to what they believed and how they lived". Passionate about travel and it’s possibilities, she gives lectures on sacred sites to special interest groups and offers workshops on Psychic Skills and Divination systems as well as Guided Meditations. Rebecca has studied divination for over 10 years and reads Tarot cards, Runes and The Celtic Tree Lore known as Oghams. Rebecca weaves these interests into a rich tapestry of Ancestry, History and the Divine that will have you walking between the worlds. She offers a rare blend of the sacred with travel, or as she describes it “having a divine sense of adventure”. An activist for Pagan rights, Rebecca is an outspoken advocate for the religious liberties of Wicca and other religious minorities. Rebecca is married and lives in the Chicago land area. She has been giving psychic readings for over 8 years and can be found at local metaphysical bookstores in her area. She is listed with the NAPW and is also a member of RCGI, Tigers Eye Temple and the Temple of the Four Winds. While Rebecca makes a mean Gingerbread House, no she doesn’t live in one, No she is not a Devil Worshipper and she only occasionally turns people into toads.

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