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Alicia Folberth
Rev. Alicia L. Folberth is the High Priestess and President of the Panthean Temple, formerly known as the Pagan Community Church, Connecticut's First Wiccan and Pagan church, which was founded in 1995. She also runs its large festival, Beltaine a Pagan Odyssey. Rev. Alicia came to the path 23 years ago, and has since devoted herself to Celtic traditions as a votary of Rhiannon. She was introduced to Odyssean tradition eleven years ago through her dear friend and first teacher, Rowan. She has now resumed her studies with her two wonderful teachers - Tamarra and Richard James, who are our temple’s Canadian elders. Odyssean has become the core tradition of the Panthean Temple. Her first official published work, "She Moves In Mysterious Ways," appears in "Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul" edited by Trish Telesco. She has also written for the Panthean Temple magazine Pantheon, Connecticut's holistic magazine "The Door Opener," and was a featured columnist for Finer Things, a local magazine. She also co-hosted a local cable access television program for several years which featured interviews with Craft Elders, Authors and Leaders. Rev. Alicia runs Alicia's SubRosa Magick (www.SubRosaMagick.com), and is a gifted reader. She reads Tarot and Runes for her customers. She has always had the second sight, as well as other spiritual gifts, and employs these during her readings. Her customers tell her that her readings are highly accurate, and the manner in which she reads is caring, honest and straightforward. She was a long time reader before she first began reading for the public thirteen years ago, and has been a spiritual advisor to many in her capacity as a priestess. She enjoys reading and she has found it to be one of her callings in helping others on the path.

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