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Robert Powell was born and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana on October 9th of 1986. Robert started magic at the age of 16 with a simple weather spell. The pagan community was the Robert's first venture with magic and he was taught the basic western esoteric practices. Later, he phased into the occult when he found the Book of Law. The views of magic changed for the Robert after his honorable discharge from the United States Army, reality sat in as he saw the pains and sufferings involved in life. The art of magic in these years pushed the Robert as a career as an occultist. The Golden Dawn and Thelema appealed most in his early years of occulitsim. Robert had begun to focus magical methods predating 19th Century practices; grimoires, famous occultists, Renaissance Astrology and etc. The writings of this magician started to grow and his first e-zine publication was at in July of 2010. The tarot skills taught through the Golden Dawn and Thelema led the point when Robert Powell was a career tarot card reader on Oranum in 2012. It was in 2010 the Robert was ordained as a minister from Universal Life Church. Robert eventually published two books after 2011: Consilium XVIII and The Works of Robert Powell. Blog:

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