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Robin Artisson
Robin Artisson has been studying and practicing reconstructionist Paganism for 14 years now, which is far longer than most people said he'd survive. He is of Bernician (Anglo-Pictish) and Irish heritage on his mother's side, and he has always felt a draw to the old faiths of Britain and Ireland. Robin is a devoted deep environmentalist, spiritual ecologist and polytheologian, as well as a skilled practitioner of shamanic healing and divination. By this, we mean to say that Robin spends a good deal of time inducing altered states of consciousness whereby he may (at times) interact with extra-sensory reality for the purposes of finding guidance for himself or others, or for healing purposes. He performs these works in the revived Pagan cultural context of his British and Irish ancestry. Robin is a learned herbalist and reader of letter-sticks, as well as a skilled augurist and dream interpreter. He is passionately in love with chess, very dark ale, sushi, historical re-enactment activities, occult studies, historical books and research, systems theory, the Robin of Sherwood BBC series (that is not the source of his name, however) and writing. He is a father and husband, and a student of life. Robin holds a BA in European History, an MA in Criminal Justice and Policy Science, and is working currently in the Family Therapy field, all alongside his writing, of course. He has written (currently) four books and countless articles online and in various publications. Chances are, if you've hung around the "pagan" internet, you've heard of him.

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