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A recovered Catholic, I was called to the Old Ways at age 11, but I thought I was just fascinated with folklore. At age 19, I was called again, but I thought I was just a history buff, and could not explain the soul yearnings I got when I saw images of the Standing Stones in the Motherland. Life happened, and the way I was raised to view the divine and the Universe no longer made sense. I made friends who were Pagans, and more and more their way made sense to me. At age 29, I crossed over into New Age studies, and finally Wicca a couple years later. Upon initiation, my Priest warned me to be mindful of what name I chose, saying that name will be one I have to live up to. I chose Saoirse, pronounced like (Sare) and (Shah) Gaelic for freedom. The gods have taken that as cue to tear me down and build me back up, taking things out of my self and Self that do not belong. I have been humbled and nurtured. I have felt unspeakable ecstasy, and sorrows in my spiritual growth. It is all worth it. The gods I serve are Odin and Nerthus. I speak with Freyja , Norder, and Thunor as well. The Bawon has been with me since I was a small child, and Rangda has been with me since the days I was still Catholic. I received my 0 and 1 Degree in an Eclectic Wiccan tradition, and my Elder is Lord Shadow. We practice in Columbus, Ohio. I used to run a discussion group twice per month, and we had Sabbats and did community outreach. I am currently focusing more on my personal growth, and working towards a Second and Third Degree with Shadow. In regards to writing- I got my writing degree from Otterbein University WAAAAAAAAAY back in 2000. I wrote arts columns for the Arts Council in Westerville, and passed that on to somebody else when I wanted to focus on musical studies a few years later. I worked full time, paid bills, and studied music. I was laid off in 2012 and was unemployed for quite a while. I decided for a career change, and was told I should start writing again. I had turned my musical instrument in to the band director, needed a creative outlet, and started looking for a publication to write for. I was not trying to do this for a job reference or to build a resume. I just can't stop writing. I wanted to use my writing to make a difference. A blog would not motivate me. I was too lazy to start my very own publication. I needed assignments to ensure I got off my butt and DID it. I spoke with my Mother Goddess and asked her to guide me to a Pagan Publication where I would be useful. I researched, and then, after a couple of lousy scenarios, I found Pagan Pages. I thought it was an awesome publication and I was not expecting to hear back once I'd inquired if they wanted new writers. They asked for a sample, and I sent it. They said yes. That's the story, folks. I'll send things monthly. I hope you like what I submit. I cannot thank the admins enough for this opportunity. I will do my best, however good or bad it may be.

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