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Tytus Lionheart
I have been studying Wicca and the occult since 2006, I am a dedicant to the Correllian Natavist Tradition and I'm studying towards my First Degree Priesthood. I study and practice not only Wicca but magick, high magick, witchcraft, yoga, chaos magick, LHP, Necronomicon, meditation, Chakras, divination and shamanic spirit communications. I am a devotee to my Patron god Lord Hermes, I see myself as a modern priest of Lord Hermes and I dedicate much of my work to Him. As a practioner of the magickal arts I would describe my blend of magick as that of a "Folk Magician", in that I blend aspects of folk magick or witchcraft and High magick. My forte is in herbs and herbal magick which I will be happy to share with the readers here on Pagan Pages. Every month I will be posting an herb along with its magickal correspondence and its magickal uses. I hope I can open the readers here up to a vast world of natural magick with the use of herbs.

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