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Vivienne Grainger
Vivienne Grainger has been a witch a long, long time. She didn't actually realize that until she was roughly a third of the way through this journey we call "life." Better late than never, she thinks. She tells people who ask her if she is a good witch or a bad witch that it depends. Astrology was her first area of occult study, predating the Craft by about three years, and remains one of her favorite ways of looking at the world. After serving Bast and Thoth for almost 12 years, during which she learned to read Tarot quite well, Vienne was co-opted in 2009 by Odin and His Runes. This blog owes its name to her habit of dragging things newly learned into a magic circle and performing experiments with them. Vienne is also currently working on her first non-magical novel after years of reading and writing fanfic. She's found that OC writing is a whole other world. Her fanfic for Bleach is posted at Her fanfic for Transformers is posted at Her WordPress blog is at She is still, alas, an otherwise-unpublished writer. Things she likes: cats, yoga, rain (she lives in the Pacific Northwest, so this is obligatory for continued sanity), Terry Pratchett's view of witchcraft in the "Discworld" and "Tiffany Aching" series of books, and writing. As in, staring at the obstinately blank page until words form on it, quite often in drops of one's own blood. Things she doesn't: liver, unkindness, having extremely wide feet, and bad writing, especially her own.

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