Lughnasadh Correspondences

August, 2019

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Major Sabbat (High Holiday) – Fire Festival August 1, 2

Other Names: Lunasa (meaning August), Lughnasaad, Lughnasa Celtic), First Harvest, August Eve, Feast of Cardenas, Feast of Bread, Tailltean Games(Irish), Teltain Cornucopia (Strega), Ceresalia (Ancient Roman) Harvest Home, Thingtide (Teutonic), Lammas (Christian). Laa Luanys, Elembious, Festival of Green Corn (Native American)

and Mythical beings:

Griffins, Basilisks, Roosters, Calves, Centaurs, Phoenix

citrine, peridot, sardonyx, yellow diamonds, citrine

and Oils:

wood aloes, rose, rose hips, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus,
safflower, corn, passionflower, frankincense, sandalwood

red, orange, golden yellow, green, light brown, gold, bronze, gray

Symbols, and Decorations:

corn, cornucopias, red, yellow flowers, sheaves of grain (wheat,
barley, oats), first fruits/vegetables of garden labor, corn dollies,
baskets of bread, spear, cauldron, sickle, scythe, threshing tools,
sacred loaf of bread, harvested herbs, bonfires, bilberries, God
figures made of bread or cookie dough, phallic symbols

Goddesses: The Mother, Dana (Lugh’s wife & queen ), Tailltiu (Welsh-Scottish), Demeter (Greek), Ceres (Roman grain goddess .. honored at Ceresalia), the Barley Mother, Seelu (Cherokee), Corn Mother, Isis (Her birthday is celebrated about this time), Luna (Roman Moon Goddess), other agricultural Goddesses, the waxing Goddess

Gods: Lugh (Celtic, one of the Tuatha De Danaan), John Barley Corn, Arianrhod’s golden haired son Lleu (Welsh God of the Sun & Corn where corn includes all grains, not just maize), Dagon (Phoenician Grain God), Tammuz/ Dummuzi (Sumerian), Dionysus, plus all sacrificial Gods who willingly shed blood/give their life that their people/lands may prosper, all vegetation Gods & Tanus (Gaulish Thunder God), Taranis (Romano-Celtic Thunder God), Tina, (Etruscan-Thunder God), the waning God

fruitfulness, reaping, prosperity, reverence, purification,
transformation, change, The Bread of Life, The Chalice of Plenty ,
The Ever-flowing Cup , the Groaning Board (Table of Plenty)

Lugh’s wedding to Mother Earth, Birth of Lugh; Death of Lugh,
Celtic Grain Festival

Honoring the parent Deities, first harvest festival, first fruits
grains & drink to the Goddess in appreciation of Her bounty,
offering loaves of sacred bread in the form of the God (this is where
the Gingerbread Man originated)

Magicks & rituals: astrology, prosperity, generosity, continued success, good fortune, abundance, magickal picnic, meditate & visualize yourself completing a project you’ve started

and Activities:

games, the traditional riding of poles/staves, country fairs,
breaking bread with friends, making corn dollys, harvesting herbs for
charms/rituals, Lughnasadh fire with sacred wood & dried herbs,
feasting, competitions, lammas towers (fire-building team
competitions), spear tossing, gathering flowers for crowns,
fencing/swordplay, games of skill, martial sports, chariot races,
hand-fastings, trial marriages, dancing ’round a corn mother (doll)

loaves of homemade wheat, oat, & corn bread, barley cakes, corn,
potatoes, summer squash, nuts, acorns, wild berries (any type),
apples, rice, pears, berry pies, elderberry wine, crab apples, mead,
crab, blackberries, meadowsweet tea, grapes, cider, beer

herbs: grain, acacia, heather, ginseng, sloe, cornstalks, cyclamen, fenugreek, aloes, frankincense, sunflower, hollyhock, oak leaf, wheat, myrtle



Plant Spirit Medicine in Shamanic Practice

August, 2019

What’s in the Brew?
Scientist: Mescaline.
Shaman: God.

Shamans…believe that the information given to us… by other teacher plants or in non-ordinary states such as dreams and meditations is as valid (or more so) than that received from ordinary perception and thought. Furthermore, such information is given to us to be used in daily life not to be ignored, denied, or seen as lacking in merit or purpose. To deny our dreams, after all, is to deny a large part of our human and spiritual experience. Thus, for San Pedro shamans, the visions and insights gained from the plant are there to inform our everyday behavior in the ‘real world’ so we can make changes, heal, or do what is necessary to improve and enhance our lives.

“San Pedro: The Gateway to Wisdom” by Ross Heaven

(“Spirit Plant Realms” art by Yvonne McGillivray)

article is an excerpt from the book “Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food
Addict’s Shamanic Journey into Healing” by

practitioners the world over know that there is a matrix of creation
that infuses all of life. We humans can tap into it for guidance and
wisdom if we choose. When I connect with it, it looks to me like a
spider web weaving all of creation together in an energetic fabric
that forms a tapestry. I remember the first time I saw this with my
own eyes. Near the beginning of my shamanic studies, I participated
in an ayahuasca ceremony with an ayahuascero (ayahuasca shaman

is a sacred plant of the Amazon that ayahuasceros call “the vine of
death.” It is called this because it supports the transformation
of all that is untrue inside of ourselves in the particular ways we
have each created our inner worlds. For centuries, this plant has
been used in ceremony by the tribes of the Amazon rainforest to
support people in connecting with their Dreamer and with this fabric
of creation often referred to in [indigenous] traditions of North
America as Great Spirit. Other faiths call the matrix by other
names: God, Allah, the Divine, Yahweh, the Source, the Goddess, and
so on.

sensed this web with my intuition my whole life but my mind had done
a good job of creating serious doubts around what I was experiencing.
I have never experienced such fear before a ceremony. I now know
the fear was simply my ego’s grip tightening because it knew some
lies were going to be revealed, thereby lessening its power over me.
The ceremony itself was beautiful and powerful. The icaros (medicine
songs) that are sung during the ceremony sent me to a place deep
inside that I’d forgotten. The ayahuasca spirit sent me on a
journey of seeing what was really real and helped me to peel away
layers of falsehood I had bought into and built up around myself as
forms of protection in a world that largely believes that Spirit does
not exist.

way through the ceremony, I began seeing bright lines of light
appearing all around the room. They were strangely familiar to me
though I couldn’t place where I had seen them before. I noticed
that the lines were connected to every living thing in the
space–including the plants and the crystals. Everything with
consciousness in the room was infused with the energy of the matrix.
I traced those lines back to myself and I was shocked to see my
luminous egg stretch in front of me. I put out my hands and watched
this energy expand outwards. The auric field was a real thing! I
don’t know how long I watched all of this in awe, but when I came
out of that ceremony, I was never the same in the best way possible.
Many years later, I was holding a swath of
fabric made by Peruvian artisans and I recognized the matrix
pattern I saw in their designs! I won’t say that it was an easy
ceremony for me. It was probably the hardest one I’ve ever done
and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is simply “curious”
about plant medicine. I learned the power of going into ceremony
with a strong healing intention for myself. [This is something I
highly recommend folks do before entering any ceremony.]

I went back into my everyday life, I began seeing how often I slip
out of that [Spirit] stream…My journey with shamanism has been all
about learning how to co-create with Spirit from the magic and
connection I feel with every fiber of my being. In a world that does
not respect the spiritual aspects of life, this is a daily challenge
in some ways. As someone living in an urban setting, I stay
connected by getting out into nature every day. I pray. I attend
group ceremonies. I work my medicine tools and practices. I ask for
guidance. I listen to what I hear deep inside myself. Then, I put
this wisdom into action in my everyday life…Since I began
listening, I am able to support myself through mistakes more easily.
I am more willing to let go of lies about who I am and what I am
capable of. I am able to be neutral with other peoples’ energy and
just be in the moment as it is. I can see more clearly what my role
is in events and can shift into more positive ways of interacting
with others, the Earth, and the world.


the Author:


has been a student of shamanism since 2005. Jennifer is a certified
teacher who has worked with children in many different education
settings since 2001. She is a certified shamanic coach, reiki master,
and lomilomi practitioner; in addition, she runs Spiral Dance
Shamanics. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she now lives in
Calgary, Canada with her life partner.

participated in self-publishing three books that are now available:

Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within”

Power Stories: Honouring the Feminine Principle of Life”

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’S Shamanic Journey into Healing

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’S Shamanic Journey into Healing on Amazon

August Native Moon: Excerpt from the Forthcoming Book ‘Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting with Lunar Energy’ by Ashley Leavy

August, 2019

August Native Moon

From ‘Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting with Lunar Energy’ by Ashley Leavy
Available August 20 from Fair Winds Press, an imprint of The Quarto Group

The thirteen Native Moons in Cosmic Crystals are by far the most difficult to describe. With so many different Native tribes, cultural traditions, and important stories, finding common threads is not always easy. In most instances, the main moon name given is the most commonly used name among the Algonquin tribes, and the listed alternative names come from other well-known tribal peoples from North America, Central America, and South America.

you read about the Native Moons, put yourself in the shoes of those
who lived in harmony with the natural cycles. Consider the lessons
from the deities and totem animals that can be applied to present day
life. What are the commonalities between yourself and the tribal
people who were some of the first in the world to name the moons each
month? What is different in your own life compared to the lives of
those who gave these moons their names? What wisdom can you take away
from recognizing those differences?

working with the lunar rituals for the Native Moons, push yourself to
find new ways to incorporate the corresponding totem animals and
healing herbs into your ritual. Remember, your ritual may be as
simple or as complex as you like. The point is to create a moment of
sacredness between you and the moon, so listen to your inner guidance
for how to customize each ritual to meet your needs.


The Grain Moon

Grain Moon is named for grains, such as corn and barley, which can
now be harvested. Fishing tribes know this as the Sturgeon Moon,
named after the fish that are abundant at this time. Other tribes
know the August full moon as the Red Moon because it often takes on a
reddish color. Still others call this the Lightning Moon due to
frequent late-summer thunderstorms.

connect with the energy of the Grain Moon, place a small bowl of dry
grains (e.g., corn, barley, or rice) in your sacred space or on your
altar. Surround the bowl with Ruby Fuchsite stones to represent the
sharing of this abundance with those you love. You may even choose to
have one stone to represent each specific person in your circle of
close friends and family.

Barley Moon, Lightning Moon, Red Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Swan
Flight Moon, Women’s Moon

squirrel, sturgeon, swan

gold, green, yellow

Green Grossular Garnet, Heliodor, Ruby Fuchsite

Laqan Kachina, Mashe-Namak, Mikew, Nisk-Na Peu – the Goose
Master, Urubutsin

rosewood, tangerine, tea tree

eucalyptus, lemongrass, rose petal

abundance, connection, magic

This abundance stone connects to the Grain Moon
by reminding you that with hard work, there will be plenty to harvest
down the road. Green Grossular Garnet enhances your connection to the
plants and animals of the earth. Work with this stone if you’d like
to find balance between modern life and more traditional ways of

A yellow variety of Beryl, Heliodor shines with the color of
golden grain. This crystal helps you recognize abundance all around
you and connects you to all that is. The more connected and grateful
you feel, the more you have to be thankful for, because things are
drawn to you like a magnet. Helidor is also a stone of magic and
facilitates mystical experiences.

RUBY FUCHSITE This rock, also called Anyolite, is a combination of two minerals, red Ruby and Green Fuchsite. This crystal corresponds to the heart center and instills empathy and compassion. Wear Ruby Fuchsite in a medicine bag over your heart to facilitate a connection with others. This energy is perfectly suited to the Grain Moon, a time of celebration and sharing the abundant harvest.

About the author of ‘Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting with Lunar Energy’:

Ashley Leavy (Madison, WI) is the Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. Teaching others about crystals is Ashley’s passion and her purpose. Ashley’s experience is based on almost a decade, and 100+ classes, of professional crystal healing training. Because of her expertise, Ashley has been a featured guest on NBC, has been interviewed about crystal healing for dozens of radio shows, has had articles published in many newspapers and magazines, and has been featured as a guest blogger on hundreds of energy healing and wellness blogs. She is also the author of Crystals for Energy Healing.

Learn more at

Cosmic Crystals: Rituals and Meditations for Connecting With Lunar Energy on Amazon

The Future is Goddess: An Excerpt from Seven Ages of the Goddess

August, 2019

The Future is Goddess
An Excerpt from Seven Ages of the Goddess








So goes the chant around so many fires at so many gatherings of witches, wiccans and pagans. Each name a chapter in the history-book of goddess worship, and each name still worshiped and revered today. Some believe that these goddesses are all one goddess. Some believe they are all aspects of the sacred feminine that is embodied within all goddess worship. Some believe they are all individual beings, each worthy of their own offerings, sacrifices and reverence. Whatever the practitioner’s relationship with these goddesses, the fact is that these goddesses have survived thousands of years, some possibly since before 3000 BC.

That’s over 5000 years ago, yet a mere 2000 years ago (approximately) a Middle Eastern guy who thought we could probably be much kinder to each other and all get along a little better, started a bit of a cult, which became the spiritual basis for much of the modern, mainstream religion practiced across the globe today.

largest religion in the world right now is Christianity, closely
followed by Islam. Two Abrahamic, patriarchal religions that have
been repeatedly regurgitated into ever new and adaptive forms by our
modern societies; at times twisted in the name of hatred, at times
used for kindness, but always in the name of God; of Yahweh
(Jehovah) or Allah. It’s inherently understood that God is male,
all powerful, and alone. There are no other gods; to say so is
blasphemy. There is also no companion; no counterpart: no goddess.

If you look hard enough at the bible, there are the odd mentions of goddesses, such as Ashtoreth (Astarte), who Solomon followed and was denounced as evil thereafter (1 Kings 11:5 and 11:6). Artemis is mentioned as a ‘man made god’ who is no god at all, though in the same verse it is written that she was worshiped in Asia and across the whole world. (Acts 19:26 and 19:27). In alternative translations of the bible it is Diana that the Ephesians worshiped. From the brief mentions we see, it’s clear that the goddess was the usurper; to be mocked, derided and forgotten.

To get a better understanding of why this might be, you have to look back beyond Christianity, beyond Judaism even, and spread your scope across the world. Take in the spirituality of the Paleolithic (stone age) humans. Look at the oldest depiction of a human being yet discovered: The Venus of Hohle Fels. This extraordinary item is a female figure carved from a mammoth tusk, and she is possibly 40,000 years old. 40,000 years. That’s approximately 20 times longer than Christianity has been around.

She has a loop which is clearly intended for a thong or similar, which tells us she is a pendant and possibly an amulet, emphasizing that this figure was obviously very important and possibly sacred or protective. She was found near the world’s oldest known musical instrument, a bone flute.

look at her oversized breasts and genitalia and immediately rush to
the conclusion that she is all about sex; reproduction; fertility.
Because that’s what women are all about, right? When you can see
the breasts and the vulva, they must be advertising something sexual.
At least that’s the current societal viewpoint, based on
patriarchal morality and the lack of understanding regarding the
divine feminine.

think it’s much more likely this figurine comes from a culture
where it wasn’t considered pornographic to bare breasts or expose
vaginas. Stone-age artifacts like this one show an understanding of
the sacred nature of a woman’s body: the legs and arms are missing
because those are not unique. All humans have arms, legs and faces.
Only women have breasts and a vulva. These differences are being
revered, not mocked, and this is what makes these figures sacred.
Only the woman has the power to bear a child into the world, and
subsequently feed it. This was once seen as a powerful magic indeed.

today’s world, under the thumb of a predominately male-led religion
and society, women are told that their bodies are shameful.
Menstruation is seen as disgusting, and even a weakness, despite it
being a natural, biological cycle. Sex is seen as something done to
women, rather than something they participate in. Breasts have become
sexual objects, to be ogled in push up bras, and hidden away when
feeding our babies. The voice of women is constantly shushed, muted,
mocked and disbelieved. Yet the evidence above shows that when our
species was at its most basic, women were the key to the sacred and
the divine.

It is no wonder then, that so many people in the modern world are turning to goddess worship as an alternative to the dry, dusty and now outdated religions that have popped up in the last several thousand years. Paganism is marked currently as one of the fastest growing religions in the world, and while not all Pagans are sole goddess worshipers, most have a great reverence for the divine feminine in some form. The most recent census figures show that over 100000 people in the UK identify as Pagan, and approximately 1.25M people in the U.S.A., and that figure is growing exponentially as more people draw away from the religions they grew up with. About half of these recorded people name themselves as Wiccans, with the rest being druids, heathens and those who walk a veritable road map of other spiritual paths.

Disillusioned with destruction, people want a religion that teaches how to nurture and grow oneself spiritually. Tired of hate, people look to a source of love; not only for those around them, but for themselves. Catholics are told they are born with sin in their very essence. Goddess worshipers are told they are sacred, divine and connected to the universe. Christians are told their god forgives sin; the goddess teaches you to forgive yourself, and to make your own morals based on what is right and good; not what you are told.

important to understand that the goddess is not just for women. Men
have it just as hard in our gender unbalanced society. Western
culture in particular states that men should be strong and bread
winners, and women should be kind and motherly. But what happens when
the man becomes a father and wants to stay at home with his child? In
the UK, they can do this for two weeks, and only within the first 56
days of the baby’s birth. Mothers in the UK can take up to a year,
depending on their employer. When it is built into our very
government that fathers are not as important as mothers, you can
understand why men as well as women are looking for alternatives. The
Goddess smiles on all her children, male and female alike, and is
likely baffled at the notion that a man would be considered weak for
crying, being emotional or, as above, wanting to spend time with
their child; time you can never get back.

Faults like these in our political system is exactly why Goddess worship is the future. So many of our policies and procedures in western politics come from men; male religion, male leaders of church and male leaders. It is the ever-present belief that man is superior, which stems from the relatively new belief that God is a man, that has spun our world into turmoil. Yet we can still hear the voice of the Goddess, even via the deeds of those that may not consider themselves worshipers.

This excerpt is by Mabh Savage and is from Seven Ages of the Goddess, published by Moon Books and available via Amazon and all good books stores. Various pagan and spiritual authors explore the journey of Goddess worship throughout the ages and into the future.

Seven Ages of the Goddess on Amazon

Avalon’s Corner

August, 2019

The Magic of Intention Setting

all heard the old adage ‘A goal not written is only a Dream’. Now,
personally I have nothing against dreaming.

fact as a Creator I spend much of my time unabashedly day dreaming
but there are times when putting pen to paper can have a dramatic

of you maybe familiar with the book called The Secret. As a quick
synopsis The Secret is based on the power of positive thinking, a
pseudo-scientific theory called the ‘Law of Attraction’, where the
principle is that like attracts like.

reason I mention this book is that setting intentions has a part to
play in manifesting the Law of Attraction, or simply put, the ability
to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

then, if there really is a cause and effect by what we think, then we
would want to focus on all the positive therefore creating more
positive in our life.

you might be thinking this is all hogwash and poppycock but we’ve all
met people who are consistently lucky, whatever they touch turns to
gold, they may fall down time and time again but they come up
smelling of roses, the further they fall the higher they rise, right?

then, we have the donkey Eeyores (You know Donkey Eeyore from Winnie
the Pooh) well they always seem to have the worst of fortunes, a
little rain cloud follows them wherever they go. Maybe, just maybe
all it takes is a slight change in mindset.

this brings me back to setting intentions. An intention is an outcome
that we would like to see in our lives.

I dedicate time every month to set intentions. It could be one intent
or many, the important thing is to pinpoint exactly what you’d like
to see.

I tune in to the energies around me, the logical time that feels
right for me to do this is on a New Moon. The New Moon brings a sense
of a clean slate and a perfect time to start over.

every day and even within a day, each moment is a new start, so
follow whatever feels right to you. There is no wrong way to do this.

I write down what my wishes are. Some examples are to see more
abundance in life or good health. Maybe its focused on attributes you
are working on, or more love in your life. The list is endless. From
the smallest of desires to the largest. To us we may think it’s too
big a wish but to the Universe big or small it’s all the same.

personal beliefs, wild and wacky as they may be, and I fully
appreciate that this may or may not resonate with others but here
goes! I postulate that this is a free will Universe. I believe in
other Universes that are run entirely differently, however…

this Planet Earth, Free will is respected and with that the Universe
must honour that law; Unless you ask verbally through intention and
spoken word, mindfully through meditation, thoughts or dreaming or
physically written then gifts may be delayed in manifesting until
asked for by you.

someone who likes to journal I thoroughly enjoy the process of
writing my intentions down.

very act of writing, of putting thought into written word is an
alchemic act. Focused thought becomes an action at that moment. From
the brain through the heart and out of the hands and then the magic

I am not saying that if your intent is to win the lottery all you
have to do is write it down and BAM you are suddenly a millionaire
(although I am working on this and as soon as I perfected it I’ll
share how its done and if any of you figure this out before I do then
I’m all ears and please come write a blog post for us ;)

may be some caveats to this as I believe any intention set has to be
in your true alignment, sometimes what we think we want might not
bring us to our highest potential. So when setting intentions feel it
with your heart, you will come to recognize if it truly is for you.

of the time now I actually use that knowledge to set my
my intention would be.. I intend to reach my highest potential and
release all that stands in my way and then I watch as the world
around me changes, which it does frequently.

the simple steps I take are

Pinpoint what I want

Ask for the Universe to make it happen

Final and most important step, know that it will be so, put your
trust in the process. So Mote it Be. Incredibly powerful words.

a final note, the Universe has a very mischievous sense of humour so
be specific in your asking! To give you an example, I have a love of
learning, especially anything to do with physic abilities, knowledge
on other dimensions etc etc and I sent out the intention with my
words being “I want to expand in all ways” They, it, the
Universe, whatever feels comfortable in how you relate to something
bigger than ourselves, truly did assist in my expansion by shifting
me up a full dress size..hilarious right! Naughty, naughty Universe!
That wasn’t what I had meant at all!

those that are advanced in the ways of intention setting or for those
that are absolute novice, I’m here to support you and have left me
contact information in the Bio. ..Remember your success sends out
ripples and therefore your success is all of our success.

love and Blessings, 



the Author:

a child Avalon was very aware of other dimensions of
realities, seeing Spirits, having vivid dreams, given messages,
warnings, promptings. Very intuitive and it all felt very natural and
normal to her. 

in the UK, she lived in England, Ireland and Scotland and traveled to
Wales on many occasions. Her family were extremists in their
Religious beliefs and she was introduced to her husband to be when
she was merely 15. Avalon not wanting to disappoint family remained
in that faith until she requested excommunication at age 25.

June 2015 Avalon had an awakening experience that forever changed
the psychic gifts that had been put aside as she dealt with the
stresses and strains of ‘real life’ came back with greater intensity.
She had a thirst for knowledge like never before. Anything to do with
the metaphysical and she would drink it in and study for hours and
hours. Crystals, Chakra’s, meditation, theories on the multiverse,
time, time lines, energy.

this time she connected with some of the Mabigonian Deities, In
particular Blodeuwedd. This path came to her, rather than her seeking
it, but as she studied she began to understand that
her experiences were
very much a Pagan path.

practices as a Solitary Witch and is an active advocate of the
Pagan Path and the rising of the Divine Feminine and Goddess within.

and co owner of Aurora and Avalon Creations a Pagan based planner

can be contacted at

her shop link is

a side note Aurora and Avalon Creations are having a shop wide sale
of 35% off on August 8th -11th

She Who is All – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

August, 2019


Credit: The Divine Feminine Oracle Deck by Meggan Watterson – Photo
by Susan Morgaine)

Powerful. Supernatural. Wisdom. Enlightenment.

Dakini are beyond intelligence; they are the embodiment of female
wisdom and enlightenment.

Dakini, translated, means “sky dancer”. They are seen as the attendants of Kali. Like Her, they can be vengeful and protective. The Dakini can be unruly; they make their own rules and love their freedom. They can appear as intense or nurturing as they represent energy in in all of it’s ever-changing forms.

resemblance to Kali is seen within the garland of skulls that they

is also seen carrying a vessel of menstrual blood – the elixir of

other representations, She holds a gold Tantric staff, which
symbolizes the ultimate union she has attained within herself.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Dakini is the most sacred feminine principle. As Tantric Priestesses, they are limitless possibility.

represents the inner realm as a meditation guide, and the outer realm
as a Tantric yogini.

Dakini can also be a sacred female spirit, a woman who has reached a
certain amount of spiritual development and who teaches truth and
spiritual wisdom in every aspect of her life. She carries power and
grants insights to the serious yogini, especially those who practice
Kundalini Yoga.

was believed by Padmasambhava, who was a pioneer in Buddhism, that
women were better able to go more deeply into meditation than males
and, thus, were able to realize the wisdom of his teachings.

were many Dakini temples, round structures, with no roof, open to the
sky. The most famous is the 64 Yogini/Dakini Temple, which has 64
niches with carvings representing various aspects of this Goddess.

(Image Credits:


the Author:

a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Writer, Teacher,
Healer, and Yogini. She is a monthly columnist
with Her
writings can be found in The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever
Works: Feminists of Faith Speak” and “Jesus, Mohammed
and the Goddess”, as well as Mago Publications “She Rises,
Volume 2, and “Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess”. She has also
been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines. She
is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through She
is the author of “My
Name is Isis
”, one in the series of the “My Name Is………”
children’s books published by The Girl God Publications. A
Woman International, founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long
been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes
and workshops, including Priestessing Red Tents within MA and RI. She
is entering her 20th year teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation,
being a Certified instructor through the Kundalini Research
Institute, as well as being a Reiki Master. She is a member of the
Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be found
at and
her email is [email protected]

Beyond Belief: Trees

August, 2019

the time you read this I will have had my first spot on British
national radio. Specifically, the Beyond Belief radio show for BBC
Radio 4. American readers, you may be able to get this online! The
show was about the religious and spiritual significance of trees,
from the perspective of different faiths. I was one of three experts
recruited to debate and discuss the topic.

how did this come about? Well, I was lucky enough that one of my
esteemed colleagues from the Pagan Federation pointed me in the
direction of a particular post on Facebook. It was from the
Arboricultural Association, a British organisation dedicated to
caring for and managing amenity trees- those that are not used for
timber, but which simply contribute towards the quality of life.

particular Facebook post pointed to the producers of Beyond Belief,
and they wanted to speak to people with a passion for trees and a
knowledge on their religious significance. I immediately began typing
out an email outlining my experience and interest. I received a call
from a lovely man from their production team the next day, and I
basically waffled at the poor soul for the next hour.

couple of weeks later, I was driving to Manchester to the famous
Media City to join two other experts for the panel. It was a bit
surreal, and it probably goes without saying that I was incredibly
nervous. I suffer from chronic anxiety anyway, so even getting in the
car to go had been somewhat of a trial!

Upon arrival I met Rabbi Charley Baginsky of the Liberal Judaism Movement, and John Parker of the Arboricultural Association. Their views were absolutely fascinating. I learned a huge amount about how trees are important in other faiths, particularly within Judaism. I don’t want to spoil the show for you if you manage to get to listen to it, but there was so much more than the Tree of Life, although this was discussed too.

I certainly let the nerves get the better of me a couple of times. When discussing Ogham, I tried to dumb it down too much and ended up referring to them as runes (they’re not). I also very badly explained why the Hawthorn is a goddess tree. In contrast, I feel like I made some good points about how planting trees is the ultimate selfless act, although this was an expansion upon points made by my fellow panelists about how those who plant trees now may never see them fully grown, but they do it anyway.

really hope you enjoy the show if you get to hear it. It was
wonderful to learn how so many faiths, cultures and spiritualities
all share the same love and reverence for trees and woods. Trees seem
to be one thing that could really bring us together; faiths sharing
common ground through the branches and roots of the forest.


About the Author:

Mabh Savage is a Pagan author and musician, as well as a freelance journalist. She is the author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors and Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft. Follow Mabh on Twitter, Facebook and her blog.

A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors on Amazon

Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways on Amazon

The Bad Witch’s Guide

August, 2019

No-One’s God is “Wrong”
Or “My Goddess is More True Than Yours”

(Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash)

I am not going to be naming
and shaming but I read a blog this week that caught my ire. It stuck
in my teeth and I chewed it and chewed it trying to figure out
exactly why it pissed me off so much.

This person decided to “speak for her Goddess” (really?) about how “wrong” everyone was about her quite popular Deity.

This sort of stuff is very bad for my blood pressure so I’ll be brief. The main cut and thrust of her “argument” was that deep in the annals of time this Goddess was worshiped in a different way and with different aspects than she is commonly worshiped today.

That her Goddess was the “true” Goddess, the pure, ancient version and therefore correct. That she was the original and everything else was later and “wrong”. In fact HOW DARE YOU. I SPEAK FOR HECATE. I AM ALL KNOWING AND I AM RIGHT.

My teacher was a Hecatite witch. I have a deep affection for this Goddess. In fact I seem to collect Hecate devotes as friends as I can think of three off the top of my head. Everyone of those people has a different interpretation, relationship and practice.

Not one of them is wrong.

There is are reasons for that. No-one worships as we did in ancient times because humans and Gods are different now. Gods have to grow and evolve too. Everything we know about the past is based on a huge amount of re-imagining because for a lot of it we just don’t know. What we do is that holy prostitution of girls as young as 12, human and animal sacrifice, and murdering those that disagree with our world view…never mind the last one. These are not part of most pagans practice. We are not separate for our Gods. We are reflections of each other.

It is my opinion that Gods are like bees.

Each bee is an individual, it goes out into the world and touches flowers (people) pollinating them. Some flowers are visited by more than one bee, they might be aware of that, or view it as the same bee. Its neighbour could be visited by the same bee, or no bees, or several different bees.
No flowers interaction with the bee can be wrong. No flower gets to tell the bee what kind of bee it is. Some flowers have evolved to attract different kinds of bees. Bees and flowers (though bees are older) have evolved together. We are all but brief flowers and to imagine we can know the will of beings ancient, powerful and multifaceted is hubris. This hubris sits at the heart of all religious conflict.”I know the will of God” is dangerous, conceited and prohibitive.

Driving out or rebuking
those whom worship the same Gods or other Gods does not foster
kindness, inclusiveness or growth.

Hecate is an old and
complicated Goddess. The idea that you could wash away her darkness
and magick because you don’t like it is infantile. It also comes from
a really unhealthy idea about women. That we must be milk white
mothers to be worthy. It denies women their rage, power and depth.
After all even the gentlest bee can sting you.

Celebrating The Old Ways in New Times

August, 2019

The Old Ways in New Times
For August 2019

Bright Blessings!

is upon us, and is it ever hot! We are due to have heat advisories
the next two, possibly three days in my town, and the dog is
displeased with how short of a distance I allow her for walks.
Exacerbating that is the fact they decided to pour asphalt on our
street, so I don’t even want to go outside at all.

spend a lot of time outdoors but truthfully, I don’t remember ever
having the issues with heat that I have this year.

I ever changed! I can remember I thought my mother was ridiculous for
keeping the air conditioner set at 55 degrees some years. Well, mine
is set at 66. Maybe I am approaching MY first harvest- menopause-
and heat is not helpful!


Pagans, we hear and talk about transformation a lot. If some of the
self-help gurus are to be believed, transformation is blissful, fun,
easy, and something you can do fast. It is also supposed to make us
feel good and happy the whole time.

such as “You’re always one decision away from a totally different
life,” and “I just woke up one day and decided I didn’t ever
want to feel like that anymore or ever again, so I changed, just like
that,” and “You change your life by changing your heart!” These
positive thinking quotes, while not completely untrue, don’t fully
express the mess that goes into transformation.

much prefer what Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelo said. “We delight in
the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone
through to achieve that beauty.” Another quote I like comes to us
from Charles Darwin, “ It is not the strongest species that
survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to

CAN be healing, and for our own good, but sometimes, it is a long,
painful, yucky process, and does not feel that good at all. It can be
hell on earth getting through it, and at the end, once the
transformation is complete, the difficulties from this can leave you
wondering if it was all worth it.

popular image to express transformation is the beautiful butterfly,
going from caterpillar phase, and mysteriously disappearing into a
self-made cocoon, only to emerge gloriously changed!

of exploring Lughnasadh in depth as I have in past years, we will
explore just HOW a butterfly transformation happens, and talk about
our own transformation processes. The working I will include is one
that will help you with your own transformation process. I will say
more about how it ties in with the Sabbat below.

The Butterfly

American has a great article, and says “To become a butterfly, a
caterpillar first digests itself. But certain groups of cells
survive, turning the soup into eyes, wings, antennae, and other adult


talk about sacrifice to attain change, but to turn to soup?


this is not the first stage the caterpillar goes through. First of
course, it’s an egg. When it hatches, it immediately starts
stuffing itself full of whatever it is that kind of caterpillar eats-
MY plants, for example!!!!! It does this diligently, as it has to
work very hard to bulk up, and become strong enough to even begin the
process to shut down and become soup! They also shed their skin at
least once during this stage.

many changes!

they form their cocoon, or chrysalis. The dissolving happens, and
what is left within the soup is something called imaginal discs for
each body part that will form the butterfly. From these discs grow
each piece on the butterfly’s body. This whole process will take
between 3 days and 6 weeks depending on species.

butterflies, for example, take close to a month to transform. This is
a long time considering they live about nine months or less after
that! Some only live a couple of weeks after emerging as butterflies.

all that work for so long to only enjoy it for such a short time.

am sure, to the butterflies, it is completely worth it. If you think
their transformation takes a lot, know that it takes 3-4 generations
of monarchs to make their famous migratory trip over thousands of

how driven these little butterflies must be, and how it must feel,
knowing you won’t necessarily make it all the way, but some of your
loved ones will. They lay eggs in multiple places along the way, and
somehow the hatchlings just intrinsically KNOW all they must do.

the gentle power of this tiny creature to do so much and go so far in
such a short life. Imagine how much you can do!

What This Means at

is the first Harvest celebration in The Wheel of the Year. In ancient
times, the celebrations revolved around WHAT was being harvested. For
some it was corn, others, wheat. In my garden, I have some dwarf corn
that is not ready yet, but the beans are. The dog is happily munching
on those right off the vine, and one of my cats chews on the leaves!
We have squirrels, birds, and chipmunks, so the corn will probably
get snatched up some night by them if the local raccoons don’t beat
them to it. I have one pitiful tomato plant that resents the fact I
put it in a pot as opposed to the ground, and my blackberries are
loaded abundantly, but I’m letting whatever birds my youngest cat
does not catch have the berries.

not harvested anything but the lavender this year, all of which I
gave away, and that suits me just fine. All I did was plant, and I
am watering. There are plenty more plants left, so we shall see if I
decide to harvest anything.

story of harvest here is quite personal. Usually, the harvest
celebrations are communal, and revolving around events, gatherings,
and fellowship.

as Pagans, much of what we do, even within our Communities is very
personal and private.

in honor of this, I have a small thing to add to your Lughnasadh
workings for whatever transformation you are working towards.

Saoirse’s Transformation

you need to do is take stock of your process of transformation, and
think of all the frustrations, obstacles, and disappointments. What
did you plan and what is actually happening that is not going
according to that plan? What is taking longer than expected? What
have you seen no results for at all?

it all down on paper. ALL of it. Bitch, moan, complain and just get
all frustrations there may be out.

sit back and read it all.

you wanted to be done with whatever this is by age 30, and you are
now 37. Or say you wanted to have something done before an event, and
that event passed three years ago.

is not going according to plan, accept how you feel, give yourself
permission to feel that way, and then just tell yourself “It is
going to take as long as it is supposed to.”

know that is not what we like to hear. We like to hear tips for
speeding things up, and making things go just as we want to.

doesn’t work like that.

years, I have loved the quote, “Life is what happens to you when
you are busy making other plans.” A Thomas la Mance is credited
with that saying. I don’t know who he is, but he’s right.

to stick with the long, drawn out transformation is crucial. The
ability to stop, still yourself, and just give yourself permission to
be in the chrysalis phase for as long as you need to be is one thing
that is going to keep you going.

don’t care if you have to do this every single day, or multiple
times a day. Do it.

You’ve got this, whatever
your transformation is, and I promise it is every bit worth all the
hard work.

beginning of harvest is JUST the beginning, not the end. That comes
at Samhain- but then again, Samhain, the final harvest is the first
Sabbat and the beginning of the new year. We are ever evolving,
always moving along, and being reborn all the time.

you be blessed in all the forms you take in this journey we call
life. May your transformations be filled with joy in between the
frustration or exhaustion, and may you never stop growing, reaching,
dreaming, and doing.

Blessed First Harvest.

Blessed Be!


the Author:

Saoirse is
a recovered Catholic.  I was called to the Old Ways at age 11,
but I thought I was just fascinated with folklore. At age 19, I was
called again, but I thought I was just a history buff, and could not
explain the soul yearnings I got when I saw images of the Standing
Stones in the Motherland. At age 29, I crossed over into New Age
studies, and finally Wicca a couple years later. My name is Saoirse,
pronounced like (Sare) and (Shah) Gaelic for freedom. The gods I
serve are Odin and Nerthus. I speak with Freyja , Norder, and Thunor
as well. The Bawon has been with me since I was a small child, and
Rangda has been with me since the days I was still Catholic. I
received my 0 and 1 Degree in an Eclectic Wiccan tradition, and my
Elder is Lord Shadow. We practice in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently
focusing more on my personal growth, and working towards a Second and
Third Degree with Shadow. I received a writing degree from Otterbein
University back in 2000. I have written arts columns for the s
Council in Westerville. I give private tarot readings and can be
reached through my Facebook page Tarot
with Saoirse
. You can, also, join me on my Youtube

Crone’s Corner

August, 2019

Knowing the Elements in the Turning of the Wheel

is a strong tool in connecting and bonding with the Elements.
However, not every one is adept at reaching the deep meditative
states that can lead to a successful outcome. There are other
avenues that can be explored with equal success, if you are unable to
attain deep meditative states. These other avenues also serve to
awaken and unlock the creative and artistic abilities in all of us.
When I first began actively walking my Path, I felt a pull toward the
Elements. I wanted to embrace and incorporate them in my workings,
but twenty years ago, scant little was available in the mainstream
world that I could rely upon and build a strong spiritual foundation.
I considered for a long time how the Elements would unfold and be
revealed to me in my workings. It was not long before I realized
that I was as much a part of each Element as each Element was a part
of me. I began to outline my own course of study and rather than
become so overwhelmed with the task of learning the aspects of the
Elements all at once, I decided to invite them into my life, to learn
each Element intimately and to make a connection with each Element
and embrace it fully as I incorporated it into my Path and traveled
down my own road to spiritual evolution.

Midsummer, the Element of Air becomes very dominant in my life. I
explore all of the symbols that represent Air in my life and the
themes that suddenly appear, as if by magic, in the surrounding world
in which I live. When I first started feeling the Elements, it was
as simple as noticing their subtle nuances and characteristics. With
air, it started through yoga classes. Breathing became the most
important aspect of stilling the mind and readying the body for
postures. I learned how to breathe; how to take Air into my lungs
from outside of my body. I allowed Air to change colors as it was
taken in through my nostrils, down through my lungs, circulating
through my respiratory system, and ultimately out through my mouth.
I began to breathe deliberately and I noticed a subtle difference in
my perception of air. I began to feel its life.

I sat out on the beach during a windy day, watching the sand blow across the beach, erasing the deep foot steps of joggers and passers by. I felt the wind rolling across the crests of the waves and crashing them into the shore and against the rocks. I watched as the sail boats on the horizon sailed quickly out of my view. I felt the strength of air.

As summer wore into fall, I watched the wind blow leaves into circles whirling with the laughter of children chasing each other and romping through piles of leaves melding with the wind. The Air changing from the heat of summer to a hint of chill in the fall, there is a feeling of happiness playing in the wind and whipping my hair every where. I felt its truth.

Fire is an Element that initially caused me a bit of apprehension about working with its energies. I could feel Air and not be harmed, yet some how in my mind, feeling Fire was something that frightened me. I began my experience by first taking note of the symbols and representations that Fire had in the world around me. At Mabon, I lit a bon fire and sat watching the flames, as the Fire sent brilliant sparks upward into the darkened sky. The Fire crackled and hissed and mixed its energies with the air, sending more sparks into the darkened sky with each new log placed upon the fire. I remembered Beltane when the bale fires were lit, surrounded by drummers beating rhythmically, dancers undulating around the Fire. I realized that if I could embrace Fire and make it a part of my spiritual evolution that my journey would be filled with much positive abundance. I envisioned everything negative in my life and I decided that Fire would be the vehicle for positive change that I required. As I began working more intimately with Fire, I came to understand that the fear that I initially had was not for the Element of Fire, but instead was my own fear of success. In order to move forward, I incorporated Fire into my ritual. I would have Fire as the vehicle to bring about fertility of my own fields and of my own creative processes and ideas. I wrote down everything in my life that was negative or that I wanted to be rid of and I invited the element of Fire into my workings. I lit a large bon fire and page by page, I invited the flames to carry every one of the negative aspects out of my life and to replace the negativity with the passion of Fire. I made this ritual my ceremony of Fire and Release as I watched the flames consume the slips of paper containing the negative aspects of my life and carrying them onto the wind and out of my life. Fire brought the realization that there is passion in its energies and it warmed me to the feeling of that passion.

the fall, I began to seek the warmth of the fireplace, newly lit to
stave off the chill of the coming winter in New England. I prepared
myself for the death of the Sun King and realized that His warmth is
a Fire in my very soul, and that Fire will carry me through the long
winter, no matter how cold and dark it may become. At Yule, I used
the last bit of the previous year’s Yule log to light the new Yule
Log. The smell of the Fire as it touched upon the old Yule log was
welcoming and warm and it brought a certain comfort and peace to the
lighting of the new Yule log. The warmth of Fire stirred within me.

Imbolc, I paid homage to the Goddess Brigid, and requested Her
blessings upon my home and my family. The representation of Fire in
my home burns brightly in the fireplace. Fire provides comfort for
my family during the cold winter and as the flames flicker and dance
my soul is warmed by the Fires of the season. This is the time of
year that I am best able to feel the vibrancy of Fire.

Ostara, when the fields are being readied for planting and the seeds
are beginning to be sown, I found myself reflecting more on the
nourishment of the soil and the seeds, not only in the fields, but
also in my life and in my spiritual journey. I began to concentrate
on the aspects of Water that cleanse and nourish and that would bring
bountiful harvests in the months ahead. While Water brings
nourishment and causes growth to occur in the fields as well as in my
journey, I realized that there was a certain strength in this element
that I needed to explore further. Water being the elixir of life, it
plays a vital role in the bounty of the harvest from Lammas to
Samhain and I searched for the comparison of the crops to my own
journey. I knew, at this time, that my spiritual evolution had been
suffering from a real drought and it would be Water that would
cleanse and nourish me back to spiritual good health.

Samhain, celebrating the beginning of the Pagan year and another
turning of the wheel, I reflected back on my own harvest. I had
invited Water into my life at a time when I was spiritually thirsty
and my crops appeared to have suffered from drought. I found myself
seeking to be in constant communion with Water. I would walk to the
lake to sit in quiet contemplation as Water gently rippled away from
the shoreline. I watched as the drought of the summer had caused the
level of the lake to drop significantly. It was in this moment that
I realized that my own journey had been suffering from a spiritual
drought. I had neglected to ebb and flow with my journey and I
required Water to cleanse the feeling away and allow for my continued
growth. I looked toward the lake where the Water level had varied
for years without being fully depleted and I realized that once again
the rains had come and the Water had risen and reclaimed its
shoreline. With Water present in my life, I realized that no matter
what occurred, my journey would never be the same. My spiritual
thirst would never be completely satisfied and there would always be
the ebb and flow of my spiritual evolution.

began to feel the abundance of my own crops and I realized that the
seeds that I planted have not only been nourished by Water and had
grown, but my journey had been cleansed and purified with Water. I
take the time to be thankful for the ebb and flow of abundance, and I
acknowledge the learning and growth that have transpired in my life
in the previous year. Like Water, I travel a path of least
resistance and fill every aspect of my Path with life, with positive
abundance, and with honor. There is strength in Water, yet there is
also a peaceful calm in knowing that all life emerges from and is
sustained by Water.

is an Element that I find myself constantly thinking and feeling. I
am an avid gardener and my world revolves around what I am planting,
when I will be planting it, where I will be planting it, and how I
will be planting it. Ideas, thoughts, projects, spells, and
everything else in my world are considered “plantings” and,
therefore, my life has many earthy aspects. I look inward at my life
and my path me as if it were a field, being readied for planting.
Earth is not just represented by dirt. Earth represents itself to me
as steadfast continuity, strength, and compassion.

is the core of my existence, the solid foundation upon which my
spiritual journey takes place. I see the Earth as the dirt under my
feet, the wooded mountains in the distance and the place where the
sand meets the sea. I feel Earth as the nurturing soil in which I
have planted the seed of my soul’s evolution.

is the embodiment of each and every other Element. Spirit holds them
all together, at once, very closely and represents them all united as
the One True Source and Center, the Great Divine. In each Element,
in each plant, animal and human, there is Spirit. I cannot look at
any living thing and not see the Divine in that entity. Spirit is
every where, is all things, and is constant. Of all of the Elements,
Spirit is the most consistent and ever present Element in all aspects
of life.

I had garnered all of my initial experiences of the Elements, I
realized that simple knowledge of their characteristics was nice but,
as a human being, I wanted to embody the essence of the Elements and
to create something unique to represent each Element in my life. I
decided to create representations of all of my experiences with the
Elements, individually.

took photos of the sea, the whirling leaves, birds soaring over head
on the gentle warm uplifted breezes, and trees swaying in the wind.
I painted a scene of the ocean waves crashing against the rocky
shore, I painted the autumn foliage on the mountains surrounding the
valley, and I painted the bale Fire in the black night. I took
acorns and pine cones from the forest floor, and sand and rocks from
the beach. I decorated my sacred space with all of these
representations of the aspects and characteristics of the Elements as
they revealed themselves to me.

the years, as my experiences with the Elements have changed and my
relationship with them has deepened, and so have my representations
of these experiences. The representations of my experiences have
become, at times, simpler yet more meaningful and at other times,
more complex and profound. In learning about the various aspects and
energies of each Element, I can feel the firm foundations of the
Earth in my Path; I can see a bird soaring high on the winds and feel
the energies of Air; I can feel the warmth of the bale fires and feel
the energies of Fire; I am able to now look at a sea shell and feel
the energies of Water flowing in my life; and in all things, I can
feel the connected nature of Spirit.

conduct a yearly ritual, usually on the full moon preceding Samhain,
to invite each Element, in its turn, into my life and I take special
care to be thankful for the experiences of each Element in my world.
When I had initially begun this exercise of creating a representation
for each Element, I realized that I had spent the better part of an
entire year becoming acquainted with each Element, individually. I
realized that this was a project that was going would be ongoing for
the rest of my journey and would not be completed until the very end.

This is an exercise that is ever changing and growing, bringing deeper realization and understanding of the Elements into my practice and into my life as each turn of the wheel brings me more in tuned with the Elements and deepens my spiritual connection. I learned that in feeling the Elements and calling them into practice, not only in ritual, but in every aspect of my life, I am more in sync with the world around me and am traveling my path more directly to fully realize my own spiritual evolution.


the Author:

been a practicing Witch and a Pagan since 1983 and lives in New
England with her husband. She is employed full time in the legal
field and has her Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of
South Florida. Shirley looks forward to living her best possible life
by giving back to the Pagan Community and has created the Facebook
group “Pagan
” where she provides a safe home for fellow pagans
to have discussions about their path and to get free planner stickers
and layouts. Shirley is a past writer for Llewellyn Publishing and
The Peace Paper.

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