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Peatbog Faeries-Live

June, 2009


Peatbog Records

For all of you have never heard Peatbog Faeries they are the very nature of musical polyglot and that incongruent philosophical collection makes Peatbog Faeries faultless. And in this their new, first live album it is evident that once again with their undeviating approach they have integrated their deeply seeded Scottish roots with a constantly evolving mix of Celtic, Rock and blues genres, with the enchanting array of pipes and whistles, fiddles, brass, guitars and drums only add to the intoxicatingly beautiful sound that once again reaches the depths of my being, filling my soul with a plethora of enchanted instrumental magnificence.

So if you only purchase one CD this year take it from me PEATBOG FAERIES – LIVE is the one.

~ Michele Burke,

Sound Sample- track 10 Caberdrone

Peatbog Faeries Live by Peatbog Faeries- £10.00 = $15.21 USD

Celia’s May 2009 Appearance Schedule


May, 2009



“Break In The Clouds” 2006, a collection of songs each telling a story about hope, renewal, love, finding one-self, being at peace with what you find, and the journey in between.  The instrumental music alone is extremely well worth taking the time to listen to.  There are a couple of songs one in particular Goddess of Mercy that I found easy to use while meditating and “Lullaby”, a easy simple soft tune one I use to ease myself with and I love the instrumentals in it.  The entire CD has several sections where the talents of the artist are proven over and over again.  While I have not seen them in person I can only imagine from what I have heard and read from those that have had the opportunity to see them it is an experience you soon won’t forget.



The Hobbyhorse band plays either as an acoustic duo, trio or full acoustic/electric band consisting of vocalist Annie who also plays guitar, drums, Cajun gong, Tibetan bowls and many other percussion instruments.   Phil plays the guitar, (standard tenor and baritone), mandolin, harpsichord and bass.  He also is known to charm in with a tune as well.   Recent new members in the band are Larry on bass and Kelly on drums.

Hobbyhorse plays adventurous folk/rock songs that tell stories inspired by world mythology, love and the Spirit.

Hobbyhorse currently offers three different shows, to suit the venue and occasion.

1. Mythology Show – Ancient Mythology comes alive with an entertaining mix of original songs and storytelling, based upon myths from around the world.

2. Break In The Clouds – favorite songs from their CD “Break In The Clouds”, along with select mythological songs, new material and the occasional uniquely arranged cover song.

3. Electric Hobbyhorse! –  Influenced by the mysterious sounds of Pink Floyd, the rawness of Neil Young and the magic of Donovan, Hobbyhorse will take you for a ride.  This is the full rock version of Hobbyhorse, highlighting our more energetic originals and covers from the psychedelic 60’s such as Mr. Soul (Neil Young), Season of the Witch (Donovan), Get Together (Youngbloods).

They have 3 CDs:

Break In The Clouds (2006)

Bootleg Series Vol 1 (2004)

Wild Nights  (2004) – Songs set to the poems of Emily Dickinson