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April, 2011


There is so much change taking place at the moment. This is from an individual perspective as well as a planetary and it does not seem as though it is going to stop any time soon. There is no doubt that the planet’s expression of earth quakes, tsunamis and so forth are horrific and heart breaking. It leaves me wondering, aside the necessity for balance, the approach of 2012, what else is influencing the severity that we see now too frequently around us.
I can ponder and speculate that which I have received in conversations with my angels and spirit guides however, given the amount of heart break I wanted to touch on something a little lighter and more thought provoking. Perhaps with a feel that will provide food for thought or a sensation of lingering hope.
The changes that have been occurring on a personal level, for all of us as individuals have been intensifying. We are coming into a full moon that will provide a huge shift and an increase of energetic vibration for all those ready to go to the next level, again. The stage of normality is now more about shifts and integration than lapsed periods of flow. It is an interesting stage to be in and whilst this can fluctuate the senses, it can provide an element of enjoyment throughout the process.
I have previously spoken about my journey into my purpose as a healer. I had received a huge push back in December. It was an interesting sensation where my conscious struggled to understand or comprehend this, however, as many of us energy workers know, it is not important for the conscious to be present let alone necessary to understand. Since then the push has significantly increased and with each shift it is becoming almost blatant how much I need to be in this space to truly align to my core purpose.
Last week I received an unexpected call from a desperate person at 2.30 in the morning wanting a reading. I was half asleep and my conscious mind was grasping at what to do to assist this woman. There was only one thing I could do – connect to the universe and see what it was that I needed to tell her. Within a matter of minutes the universe responded and I was able to assist her.
After I hung up from her I was so connected and completely bouncing off the walls that it took me two hours to relax and be able to get back to sleep. It probably took this long for the simple fact that it was a beautiful feeling to experience. It is the being present without being present; it is the impression of bliss, peace and unconditional love surrounding you all at the same time. Whilst this tends to happen during readings, I think because it was the time of the morning it was that it tended to resonate even more strongly with me than before.
What came out loudly from this experience was that it is a time where many of us are at cross roads. We have an opportunity to align ourselves to the universe in a way previously thought inconceivable and due to the horrific tragedies, through this alignment we have an opportunity to help many across the planet.
We have the opportunity to provide healing and guidance as a collective. In doing so this will assist the planet to gain balance faster and hopefully decrease the severity of catastrophes.
Consider where you are in your journey and the path of your purpose that resonates with you from within all the way to the essence of your higher self.
Consider how you can use these energetic shifts to align more effectively to a higher vibration and allow you to be at one with yourself, the universe and the planet.
Be open to the light within and allow it to guide you to the purpose of your path. It is there that the unconditional love and bliss will embrace you and allow you to fulfil the impossible.

Hally’s Hints

March, 2011

An Energetic Reflection

There is no doubt that this year has been extremely intense for all of us. The subtleties of the shifts have been completely omitted as the wash of enthusiastic transition affects us. We have seen some dramatic weather conditions from floods, cyclones, typhoons and fires that affected us on some level, whether personally or through our empathic nature. The weather itself has left us bewildered as to what is to follow in the coming months.

On a deeper level clearly a lot is going on. When it is so blatant in the conscious we can only assume that underneath we are truly feeling the force of change upon us.

Is it in preparation for December 2012? Is global warming finally taking its toll? Or is it something else altogether?

I have heard a myriad of theories and the varying beliefs are rather interesting. The fact is for the most part there are only speculations from within and the perceived relevance of how these changes impact upon us.

Energetically we speak about increasing our vibrational level to align to our higher self more efficiently, we consider methods to create balance through meditation, and then, many of us are seeking an answer to the purpose of our journey. In addition to this, we seek to increase our personal awareness and develop further than where we are right now.

I wonder, how many of us know, when we have attained each of these levels. How do you know that you are aligned to your higher self to the point that the binds of the physical world become transparent and fluid? Whilst I know the answer for me, have you ever considered that the teachings of others is based on their own experiences and like understanding why the planet is emphasising its change, anything that holds relevance for us specifically can only be defined by the individual, not the masses?

I often hear stories of people that want to be “like” someone famous and I wonder how much of themselves they lose when they decide to take on the path of another. Would it not be the case that your lessons would be altered and you may actually lose the essence of what is right for you?

So, what does all of this mean? There is speculation, perspective and that which we become consciously aligned to. We all have the ability to find suitable boxes to put our beliefs into at appropriate times. However, I wanted to put this to you – should you choose to remove your conscious beliefs of what you have been told and what is shared by others; then take a moment to reflect from within and ask the question of what is happening relevant to you – what would the answer be. You may be surprised that it is completely different to what you had expected and thought was the case.

The interesting aspect of fulfilling your own purpose upon your journey is the need to reflect from within, speak from within and align from within. There is only ever one that can ensure your purpose remains pure and authentic, and that is you. When we allow our conscious to dictate what is without really allowing our higher self to serve us as it is intended, we lose the value of its presence. In turn, we may lose connection with ourselves and become dependent on the external.

Consider where you are in your energetic journey and what you see before you. Take a moment every day in the quiet of yourself to ask the questions that matter and benefit from the answers that are truly authentic to you.

Hally’s Hints

February, 2011


Finding myself often consumed with energies, messages from the universe, working between planes and the list of activities go on and on, it is no surprise that this tends to be at the forefront of my mind. I tend to use discretion when discussing this kind of topic for the simple fact that some are not comfortable discussing something of this nature, based on their beliefs. With respect being one of my core values, being aware of this is important to me.

However, being human I found myself misjudging a situation the other day which left me feeling almost violated more than vulnerable. It was one of those things that went against this core value of mine.

I have an unlimited amount of respect for the energies that I work with, all those I am privy to assist and would never, even in the blindest moment disrespect the universe. This very thought goes against everything I stand for.

On this particular occasion there was someone that came to my home that I had no seen for some time, nearing three years, which used to be overwhelming in their energy and their intent on forcing others to believe that their opinion on any supernatural related topic was and is the only valid opinion. Usually, this is taken with a grain of salt, love and light is sent and that is the end of that.

As mentioned above, I was caught off guard and found myself deep in conversation on the fundamentals of what I know and do daily, even to the point of justifying the universe. As I am sure you can imagine this did not go down very well with me.

What I came away with was the realisation that, aside this person living and working purely in the ego and conscious, was completely unable to transition between the states of ethereal and physical. I felt that they had disrespected the universe, the energies, spirit guides, angels and every being I am here to support.

Whilst I appreciate that this person’s journey is different and not in the same space as mine and whilst I can appreciate free will and the choosing of expressing one owns opinion, I felt that this was not someone I wanted to see again in this lifetime.

My point is this – when working with energies, those of us that are blessed to this know full well it is a gift that should never been exploited and must be respected with pure intent. Unfortunately there are others out there that are not ready for that journey and will do anything to seem as though they are on that journey.

In these situations, do not feel the need to justify who you are or what you do. Merely send them love and light and keep going to those that are more aligned to your own journey. Perhaps you have never have experienced this; for those of you that have, you will no doubt understand what I am talking about.

This chosen direction is not for everyone and that is fine. We are unique in our journey and the purpose that we bring into this life. Unique in that one is not better than another; rather one sometimes cannot exist in the same space as another and clashes on the fundamentals of beliefs and disposition.

It is interesting how something so simple can be so powerful. Live with love and light and the rest, will be as it should within.

Hally’s Hints

January, 2011


As I sit in a local café, I allow the music playing from my iPod to flow through my being whilst considering what January’s article should be about. A myriad of ideas run through my mind and I finally decide on one.

During the past month I was privy to an event that even though it was unexpected, was in fact extremely natural and brought to light the clarity of natural evolution through awareness.

Whilst clearly my path is of an energetic and spiritual nature I had not actually conducted an official reading prior to this month. It was something that just happened of its own natural accord. I would receive some information, ask permission to pass this on and inform the person of what had come through. Sometimes it was a flash of information and at other times the conversation was more in-depth, depending on what the universe deemed was necessary.

Because this gift is part of who I am and is incorporated in all that I do, ironically the thought of isolating the readings to something specific had not occurred to me. The catalyst was when in one of my moments of receiving some information the person asked whether I had a flyer she could pass on. That one I did not see coming and yet, it was not surprising. It was more the sensation of a light bulb moment where complete clarity was found and I felt a part of myself being reconnected; coming home if you will.

Since this realisation came to light I feel more connected to myself and my purpose allowing this to enter into my consciousness from the unconscious mind. Put more simply, an increased level of energetic awareness.

This got me to wonder that on our spiritual journey there is a constant evolution within us, often to a degree that we are consciously unaware, let alone to the extent. We notice occasional shifts and often overlook the significance to ourselves.

I have spoken about our gifts in previous articles and given the energetics shifts that are occurring during this time of year, consider taking advantage of where you are in your journey and taking this to the next level.

I am not suggesting doing what I did, as this is what was right for me; rather what is right for you, which only you will know. This may be case of acknowledging your level of awareness or perhaps reconnecting to your energetic support, be it your familiars, spirit guides or angels.

Reflect upon the year, the events and who you are today compared to twelve months ago. What has happened and what have you allowed within yourself that has increased your vibrational level and your connection to your higher-self? Consider where you would like to take that over the next twelve months or how you can really embrace the amazing sensation that comes from inner growth.

We are all energetic beings inspired through the connection with the universe. Increased awareness allows us to fulfil our individual purpose which contributes to the greater good. Whatever the purpose of your journey is, allow the light within your energetic being to guide you to the answers. Sometimes the most natural choices can be the most fulfilling.

Love the journey and be one with the journey.

Hally’s Hints

November, 2010


There is a hidden truth to being an energy worker that is often omitted from the greater scheme of things. I am yet to see it actually discussed anywhere openly and because I have experienced this first hand thought that it is about time it came out into the open.

In order to be an efficient energy worker one must be sensitive to energies. That goes without saying. However, by being sensitive and evolving this sensitivity there is a level of anxiety that follows. It is different to the emotional anxiety that can be felt that is often associated with depression. It is almost intangible however, very much present. It is uneasiness that when used in energy work heightens the clarity however; in the day to day can be a little overwhelming.

I was once told that to negate this one would only need to stand in their own truth. I thought this was all good and fine however, once I reached that state I still experienced the anxiety. I questioned if I was actually standing in my own truth and found that I was. So, how could it be that I was still experiencing this anxious sensitivity?

Again, there is a point that is omitted from this information. Throughout life we must undertake tasks that provide for us however, may not be reflective of who we are in truth. As such, what follows is a level of anxiety. That is not to say all anxiety is based on this, merely the energetic level. Examples of this may be working in jobs that pay the bills however do little to inspire. It may be being friends with those that do not align to your values however there is an obligation to be friends with them perhaps through partner association or family association. No doubt the list is in-exhaustive but this will give you an indication of what energetic anxiety entails.

Under compromised conditions because we are highly aware we are able to gauge the other party with such ability that when the information is received back it is unsettling. Consider a time where you were engaged in a brilliant conversation and it was as though time stood still. Was there any anxiety felt? Of course not, because the other person aligned to whom you were at the time.

Now consider a time where you were forced to associate with someone that you otherwise would have no inclination to do so – how did you feel? Unsettled? Anxious? Looking for an escape as well as watching the seconds passing hoping the conversation would soon end and you would be able to find sanctuary at home in a safe, cleansed environment.

There are a number of other examples how energetic anxiety can affect you. Work is a great example because many of us have or had to undertake jobs that did little for us however, it was essential to ensure that we lived, paid bills and put food on the table for our families. We would find ourselves dragging ourselves out of bed every morning, counting the hours down until we could go home and shutting off our minds in the hope that the boredom and mundane repetition did not get to us. Only to come home completely exhausted. What can eventuate is a level of anxiety; before, during and after that we put down to everything other than what it is.

There a ways to deal with this anxiety.

The easiest is to find work, friends and environments that are conducive to whom you are. Environments that are reflective of your core values and energetic self.

Given that this is not always possible, include tasks, plans and to-do’s that incorporate your energetic self. This may include:

  • Going for a walk in the park at lunchtime;
  • Putting on your IPod during your break and completing reconnecting to yourself;
  • Taking a five minute break to be creative (draw a picture, write how you are feeling, create a plan to look forward to).

Ultimately, it is whatever works in that moment.

There is a great responsibility that comes with being an energy worker and one of the most important is in ensuring that we are at optimal levels at all times. The more we are working in synergy with ourselves; the more we allow ourselves to stand in our own truth in all we do, the more we are able to achieve our purpose.

Be aware of what helps you and what does not; be aware that your gift is complemented in the awareness of how to help yourself, which in turn will assist in helping the myriad of others.

Being an energy worker is not for the faint of heart but then again, it would not be as brilliant and amazing if it was. Enjoy the journey…

Hally’s Hints

October, 2010

Energetic Shifts

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a real feel of increased sensitivity and at first I was convinced it was my female being rolling with the flow of natural evolution. However, as the week became two weeks and now hinting into three the increased sensitivities and the clarity to awareness are yet to be dulled.

So, I decided to ask around and see if this was just me. Was it?

It was then I realised that there are energetic shifts occurring. Some of us will feel it more than others and sometimes at different times. It can be because of the journey each of us are on and also what we need to continue with our growth. All the while we will end up where we need to, providing we are open to what the universe would like us to learn; which mostly tends to be about ourselves.

There has been a prediction earlier in the year that 2010 will be full of such shifts due to the earth and the planets going through their own necessary conversion. This is more than what has been in the recent years. Consequently, being one with the universe we will all feel it in our own ways. It makes Mercury Retrograde seem like a walk in the park at times because we become accustomed to what we should expect and when the energies flow in their natural course we are being brought into the darkness of the unknown, fortunately coming out of this with more light and abundance.

Ask yourself if perhaps you have been noticing this shift as well. For those that are aware of their gifts this will be more pronounced then those still coming into this part of your journey. Perhaps answers are landing upon your tongue so much faster than previously, or perhaps feeling a little more sensitive to crowds, to music and to other influencing energies that otherwise would have been ignored. Whatever it is that may be affecting you in your way it is clear that the universe has decided it is time for another shift to assist us in reaching a higher state of consciousness, or rather, unconsciousness as it was.

There is a belief that with 2012 approaching there will be many more of these energetic shifts occurring to prepare us for an even bigger shift late 2012. I am inclined to believe that it is not about a date but rather about our readiness for where we need to be. The planet is growing through its own shifts and transformation into what it needs to be to provide and grow and so too must we to align to the universe as one; yet individually unique to each of us. That is how the beauty of universal energy can work.

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of what we must do; what we must be that often we forget or put our spiritual selves on the back burner for later, or a time when it is going to be “right” however, our spiritual selves are part of us in essence and as we laugh, cry, love, pay bills and get the children to school, our spiritual selves is part of all of this every day, every moment and all we need to do is remember to include the part that helps us become more ourselves in entirety.

The more we embrace ourselves the more easily these shifts will be to adjust to and prosper from the increased awareness.

In terms of this amazing shift that is taking place sometimes it is not about the why and it is a place where logic seems more lost than the basis of our foundation. We must open our heart, our minds and our ethereal beings to all the magic, beauty and magnificence that are within us. It is the evolving, learning and growing aspect of who we are and desire to be sitting within the palm of our energetic hands.

The path of an energy worker is never dull and the abundance of light continues to astound me. Enjoy what shifts may occur with you; the increased energetic transformation and brilliance that may be embracing you in this very moment.

Hally’s Hints

July, 2010

Food and Energy – What This Means To You

NB: The energy of food and the affects this has to your ethereal being is a huge topic; this is a snippet…

Recently I had this interesting experience where it was a cold, wintery day and I had rushed outside to go to the local café to get some soup. Usually their soup was full of warmth, grounding substance and very, very tasty.

This particular day I realised the usual chef was not in but did not think much of this. It is not something that one would consciously think would matter too much. That was until I got the soup back to my office and as I lifted the lid I heard my spirit guides yelling in my ear to not eat it. I looked at it and it did lack the usual finesse and I had one sip of the soup and that one sip was enough to understand that it had no taste. Not only that, it is hard to ignore if being screamed at. So, as a result the soup ended up in the bin and I got thinking about what was really going on.

Can you recall a time where you went out of to enjoy lunch or dinner only to be met by a disgruntled waiter that for some reason decided that today you were going to wear the issues of the day?

Though you brushed it off and put it down to them having a bad day; what transpired was receiving some very average and almost disappointing food. After leaving the place you felt this heaviness slowly come over you and as the day progressed could not help but turn into a subtle version of the waiter from earlier in the day.

Perhaps it was not as obvious as that. It may have been a bad coffee, an average sandwich or a tasteless soup.

As energetic beings we leave an energetic imprint on everything we touch, even if we walk into a room we will leave a slight energetic imprint of ourselves there.

In the case of preparing food, it may be touched by several people before it reaches you, which means you receive a bit of everyone when you take those first and consecutive bites into your food.

Some use Reiki symbols to negate this which leaves the food in its true form and often has a sweetness unlike anything else.

Consider the term “cooking from the heart” which brings to light that when you make something with pure intent and pure of heart, no matter how basic it is, the food will taste great and be well received by others.

Going back to energy transference through food, be aware of how powerful we really are as humans. Be aware of the impact this has on you and how this awareness can allow you to gain the most in the simplest of situations.

There are so many places to eat and so many options in terms of food. Be selective and go with what feels right for you. The chances are that you will feel fantastic for it.

Hally’s Hints

April, 2010


The physical plane; the ethereal plane; it is all relative to who we are as souls, spirits or whatever name resonates with you. As connected as we are to the universe it can seem obvious that moving between the two is easier than once thought and can often deters us from the purpose of this particular life.

Let us take a step back…

When we consider that reality is determined by our own perspective it creates an endless array of definitions for reality; approximately nine billion. So when hearing the term ‘come back to reality’ it is difficult not to smile.

Taking this a litter further we add meaning to all the elements that we perceive which impacts on how our reality is determined.

Consider that Person A attaches the meaning to an animal being that of a child and Person B determines an animal as a lesser species. Imagine the conversation that would transpire on the topic of animals. Is it any surprise the amount of misunderstandings that occur on a daily basis?

The purpose of this elaborate definition is to take us to the topic of this month’s article. We evolve on our spiritual journey gaining more awareness with many of us learning to experience, communicate and travel between planes. Though I would not recommend this practice as something to do when you are bored, but rather something to be done with absolute care taking every precaution possible; the experience cannot be compared to the day to day of conscious living. Consequently it can become increasingly difficult for some to want to spend much time here on Earth.

We must remind ourselves that though our journey has enabled our evolutionary travel we nevertheless are human and in no better terms need to ‘face reality’.

The simple truth is that we all have a purpose and the life we have will never come around again in our ethereal existence however, our ethereal travelling will continue for the duration of our existence, irrelevant of what world or plane we exist in.

It is very possible that the reason it seems easier is because we have been there and done that more times than we can count and consequently it is a more comfortable place to be. The “human” role can be challenging because it is so very physical and can at times seem limiting. The fact remains that we still control our physical through our ethereal. As such, we can control our reality.

When you begin to prefer communicating with other planes due to it being so liberating and peaceful, perhaps others from the physical plane without the same level of awareness may deem this illogical or supernatural, there is a life waiting for you to fulfill and enable you to move forward to wherever it is you need to go.

Avoid this and you may miss out on the best reality possible – your life.

Hally’s Hints

March, 2010

Are We Limiting Ourselves?

There is no doubt that following a Pagan path rarely has been from birth, speaking strictly in my experience. Most of those that I have had the honour to know have initially been of a different faith as a child and through the universal guidance found their way to Paganism.

I had wondered whether once we find the path we are on does it remain stagnant or do we allow ourselves to continue to evolve irrelevant of where our journey takes us?

There are so many dimensions and aspects to being a Pagan that I wonder whether any of us are becoming too comfortable in status quo and not allowing our natural evolution to take us to a deeper level of where we are.

Consider this: there are so many things we do in life purely because it has been done before or more often than not, it is comfortable. We remain in the same job, same relationship, same everything because it is easier than questioning whether this provides us with the happiness and growth we need to be who we are in essence.

The same goes for our spiritual journey. Do we allow our habits of our day to day dictate how we live our spiritual life? Do we use the same spells and methods because we know they work or do we venture out once in a while?

With this being said, I am in no way suggesting this is relevant to any or all. It is more of a question whether I am the only one that ponders on the evolution of our spiritual self; of where we have come from, the experiences that we have had the humbled pleasure of adding to our lives and the impact this has made to the person we have become.

The funny thing about transformation, particularly that in respect to spiritual growth; when it happens it can be in leaps and bounds and so much so that it is easy to forget who we were a month, a year or ten years ago.

I am someone that always likes to mix it up. Whether that is because I am mildly eccentric, too creative or have trouble relaxing I wanted to pose something fun for you to try this month.

Add something new to what you do.

Be it a different style of meditation, express a different aspect of how you see Paganism, experience it a different way to what you usually do simply because you can. Remember, this can be a once off or you may even find that it allows you to broaden your perspective allowing you to grow in areas complementing your spiritual self and your beautiful Pagan path.

Comfort can provide a false sense of security limiting you and disempowering you from connecting completely to what is true to you and the person that you are and have become.

Are you limiting yourself or are you allowing your natural evolution to flow through from the tips of your toes all the way to your higher self?

Hally’s Hints

February, 2010


We have many relationships in a life time. Some mirror many before and others are fresh and exciting providing a new perspective and an opportunity of growth.

There is a useful tool called the Wheel of Life that defines all the different areas of ourselves that requires attention and when an even amount is distributed we technically are in balance. The reality is that life likes its ebbs and flows, which means more often than not the balance requires a sense of flexibility. This however, can create a habit where an important aspect of you becomes absent, or even considered a luxury, and omitted from our day to day.

Accepting that there are many aspects of ourselves that evolve along our journey and sometimes, be it because of mechanistic obligation beating at the door, our spiritual journey is considered as something that just is; something that sits nearby and will come along with us no matter what we find ourselves doing.

Even with the access to such an expanse of information, knowledge and opportunity to increase our awareness, there are some that purely develop their spiritual self from a mental aspect. They may speak about attending numerous meditation classes without really participating, or using the latest jargon to help them feel connected without living what they say and even to the point that they dress in accordance with how they would like to be but never experiencing the true sense of bliss that can come.

Often this comes from not treating themselves the way they know they should and consequently believe that a vague effort is better than nothing.

What I mean by this is rather simple.

We often tend to treat others much better than we treat ourselves. We often put others before ourselves; our dreams and goals considering that if we didn’t then we would be deemed as selfish. This then impacts on all that we do for ourselves. (Note: there is a big difference between being selfish and self absorbed).

The bigger picture to this treatment is that we tend to lose a lot of energy, ending up feeling tired, frustrated and never fully rested. It has a sense that we are chasing an invisible goal that can never be obtained, so we have given up before we even start.

What is really going on is that we our out of balance. Our spiritual self is being neglected, as are more often than not other areas of our wheel of life, and so our connection to our higher self, our spirit guides and aligning to the universe seem more like words than anything else; thus, living in the mental state of being.

An analogy that always tended to resonate was to treat ourselves as our own best friend. Speak to ourselves as though we were someone external and treat ourselves in the same manner; with the result being that we actually listen to ourselves and start to treat ourselves with the respect we deserve.

Once we establish this rapport with ourselves imagine the extent of our meditation, the language we use with ourselves and even the way we choose to dress will evolve into that which is true within. It also opens a door creating a pathway toward our higher self that may not have been accessible before because we were existing too much in our minds and not enough in our ethereal self.

What kind of relationship do you have with your spiritual self? Does it receive the same, or more, respect than that of an external person, or less?

Treat your spiritual self as a valuable relationship, taking time to nurture and listen to what comes through. This then allows an avenue of connection to your spirit guides and angels; allowing you as a person to become complete. It is purely a matter of being kind to yourself.

When you look at the different areas of your life, remember to include the very important and special relationship that can create a sense of peace and harmony within – your spiritual relationship.

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