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April, 2019

MAMA’S little helper

Self-Care Support for Mama

This month’s Subscription Box is from SHA MAMA’s little helper and it is filled with products that have significant features. They are all plant based, from woman owned companies, and contained in eco-friendly packaging. Right off the bat, you know SHA MAMA’s little helper has not come to play!

SHA MAMA’s little helper’s boxes have a few options. There are the Quarter Day Sabbat Boxes. They correspond to and are themed with the seasons. These start at $77.77 each, a quarter. There are Quarter Day ½ Sabbat Boxes. These start at $38.88 each, a quarter. Next they offer a Monthly ritual with a supportive Product. This box starts at $19.99 a month, but if you prepay for a few month’s in advance it becomes cheaper. Lastly, you can order a Monthly ritual, with no products. This cost only $12.99 a month and like the previous subscription if you purchase a few months in advance it is cheaper.

If you look through all the pictures on SHA MAMA’s little helper site you see a punk rock, witchy, woman promising A “self-care box … mindfully curated each quarter for your enjoyment of, and exposure to, rare and helpful plant-based & Woman-made products that support and pamper Mama. As well as High-Vibe Manifestation, Magick and High-Holiday Celebration tools!” Her smile is infectious and that sounds so awesome!!! I want this in my life. I am sooo stoked to open this box!


I was assuming that since it
was coming in a recycled, earth friendly package that it was going to
look dull. Boy was I wrong! Though it looks like my mailman had a
nice time of trying to get in to it himself, you can still see the
adorable detail of the zipper on the topsides of the box where you
are to cut the paper tape in order to open it… And can we talk
about that fuschia?!?! The perfect color pop. The tape around the
sides states that it was “thoughtfully packaged with eco-friendly
shipping supplies,” and “Please reuse, repurpose, recycle me!”
This packaging is anything but dull.


After finally convincing myself to cut into the cute zippers, I get my first peek inside the box and am equally transfixed by the contrast of colors on the inside. So far, this box has been in, 2 different ways, a feast for the eyes.

Let’s see what we have here…

Information Card

The first thing you should look for is this glossy postcard in your box. It gives you a link to visit that has a written piece from the owner about her ideas behind The Box all the information on the products in your box, as well as a video from Miré Molnar, the owner, discussing the box! She unboxes the box herself for you and discusses each item with you. Very impressive!!

That was the pink side of the postcard. On the other side you will find information about SHA MAMA RISING, which is the main site that offers these Subscription Boxes. Here you will find information on all the services they offer: childbirth education classes, birth talismans, & crystals+breastmilk jewelry.

to the contents…are they as impressive?

Items from Zen and Meow

I was sooooo excited to see these two items from Zen and Meow. If you said Zen and Who then you better go back and read this – Wood Crystal Grid Review & Interview with Kelly Matthews from Zen and Meow, where Retha Lent wrote, and I quote “If you are looking for top quality wooden grids check out Zen and Meow!” Oh, and as Miré Molnar mentions, Zen and Meow is Woman Owned.

Crystal Grid

Just shy of 3”, top to bottom, left to right, this is the best little grid I have seen. The quality of this tiny grid is amazing. I wish I had a good enough camera or video equipment to show you the detailing of the pentacle or the beautiful burnishing on the side. If you could feel the smoothness of it. Not a single little wood bit sticking up to splinter. The depth of the carving is perfection. The interlocking arms and extra point tips give it that extra touch. You can take this tiny treasure anywhere or use it at home. Good on any size altar. In any size home or small apartment. Even, to hide!

Seed of Life Palo Santo Stic

Also, from Zen and Meow, included in the SHA MAMA’s little helper’s box was an Engraved Seed of Life Palo Santo Stick. When burned Palo Santo acts as a smudging agent to cleanse an area or person. It keeps energies grounded and clear. Its scent provides upliftment that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation. Palo Santo is traditionally used for relieving common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, emotional pain and more. It is a very useful wood. It smells very fresh with hints of mint & citrus. It’s native to the coast of South America and it’s name translates to Holy Wood. It’s used by everyone from Shamans to saints. The one included in our box is gorgeous! I am just going to keep it as is.

Beeswax Black Candle with Handmade Tree-branch Candle Holder

first thought is how perfect the size is for after the beeswax candle
when I use my chimes. Then, how beautiful the tree branch will look
in time when wax has melted down it. How powerful this little branch
will be. How it will resonate with all my intentions. Then I think,
wow, I have taken these
simple, beautiful
and turned them
into this massive magickal object before I have even found out what
it is for! Let’s look…

Ms. Miré
have put your full self and intention into what you have
created and put
in your box because it has come through loud and clear! WOW,
now that is powerful magick!

Himalayan Salt & Frankincense with Coal

Salt, also, know as Pink Halite, is a crystal and is edible. Salt is
used for protection and protection from evil. It is often used in &
around homes. It is also used for purification, cleansing, and
dispelling negativity in many religions rituals throughout the world.
Himalayan Salt has many more attributes, as
well, making it
a great resource to have.

is burned to create scared, purified spaces. It
is very powerful and many use it mixed in with their other herbs to
boost their magick. It is also associated with good fortune business
wise. Frankincense is great to burn while doing energy work,
meditating, or working with your chakras.

are tall, 4” approx., glass vials, of nice chunks of each. Plus
the charcoal to burn the frankincense on. I think a generous amount
is given of each. Beautiful in the bottles and came wrapped nicely
in beautiful tissue paper. I’m a sucker for cork topped bottles.

Moon & Full Moon Aromatherapy Oils

Made by Binford’s Natural Remedies, which is a woman owned company that handcrafts all its merchandise and “follows the cycles and rhythms of nature to create all of its products.” They are from their Sacred Altar collection. The ingredients are not written on the bottle and I can not find them on the site, however, you can CLEARLY see the flowers and crystals in the bottle.

Each bottle states what each is intended for. The New Moon oil says it is to be used to cleanse & make your intentions clear. The Full Moon oil if for release so you can receive.

Each bottle also has the web address on it. The type on the bottles needs to be bolder. It already is fading and I will need to use a marker to write what they are on them. That is not important enough though. Let’s see how they smell.

New Moon is a gorgeous flowery scent. Not the over powering scent of flowers that is overbearing and makes you sneeze and bites your nose. But a deep, maybe heady flower, you can feel it’s petals. Don’t mistake this for a smell that is too powerful. It blends in and fades to just the right amount of aroma on the skin.

Full Moon is a sweeter smell. Hints of a powdery scent. A lighter smell you may think, but if you put each on a wrist and take turns smelling them, you will find it is not, it is just different. They are each very powerful! Gorgeous!! I have not smelled blends like these before. Usually you smell the regular lavenders & sages, but not here!

comes in a glass, roll on vial. Easy to use. You should rub the oil
in for better effect. A little goes a long way. You really don’t
need to roll on a lot. You can dab a bit and blend that in.

Magick Skull

At first when I saw the skull I was intrigued. I wasn’t sure what it was. I like skulls though. Plus, it had glitter! I have been seeing them or something like them for sale on Instagram. So I was very curious. It’s a handmade resin skull cast by SHA MAMA RISING owner Miré Molnar. Inside she has placed items, such as; human bones, ashes, blood, placenta, crystals, flowers, and glitter then magickally charged it. How is that for something unique for your altar! I can see a ton of stuff in mine, but I am not sure what it all is. I see herbs, maybe a bone? What would placenta look like? Gosh it’s lovely. Mine came with purple glitter, and purple is my favorite color! Blessed.


Created by the website: The Jess Rose. One of her Flower & Gem collection she doesn’t even carry on her site. Created during the 2017 Lion’s Gate, Full moon eclipse, matured over 13 moons. It comes with a card from the owner explaining how to use the elixir, it’s ingredients, and how to store.

this elixir has in it is a mixture of Flowers: morning glory, iris;
Gems: unakite, labradorite; and many more then I just mentioned than
the two for each. And they are in a solution of spring water,
organic vegetable glycerine and organic vodka less than 4%. You can
not see any of the flowers or gems in the bottle. It is all liquid.
It comes in the glass bottle with a dropper you are to keep clean and
clear from any touching as per instructions on how to keep the bottle
from contamination.

the elixir is for is that the “essences nourish the subtle bodies,
auric fields and energy
systems.” It is supposedly gentle.

note that comes with the bottle is wonderfully done. The artwork on
it so nice you want to save it and frame it. On the backside it is
sealed with wax. Fancy touch! The bottle itself is adorned with a
key charm tied around the neck with some black cording. You can keep
this and use it as a necklace. Adorable. As for the taste it was
yummy to me. I did have a bit of coffee before. I could still taste
it. Sweet. I followed the instructions and didn’t let the dropper
touch my mouth or tongue. I have stored it properly in a cool area
this entire time. It is supposed to work on the support and growth
of our inner witch. Grow little witch GROW!!!

don’t know if a product like this is necessary, but it doesn’t
hurt. I can not tell you if it helps yet or what it does, if

shop is woman owned!

Over All Impression…

WOW, SHA MAMA’s little helper is dead serious about her Subscription Box, it’s contents, and it’s packaging. Her packaging is wonderful and %100 recycled materials. The products inside are not inexpensive & are not junk! SHA MAMA’s little helper is serious about giving you a true magickal experience when pampering you. The Bindfords All Natural is amazing stuff. Maybe my favorite items in this box. I can say one of the top best smelling oils of all times. You do need to remember a little goes a long way and that you have to rub the oil in, but it is worth it. A definite must have. My second favorite from SHA MAMA’s little helper is the Black Bee’s Wax Candle & Candle Holder. Genius. Handmade by Miré Molnar the boxes creator. It sparked my imagination. I could see it in the future. I saw what her intentions were for us! The magick in those objects is so powerful. It is just so simple, yet so stunning. Let’s not forget the Crystal Grid for Zen and Meow!!!! Such a quality company. I almost forgot, everything is by women owned companies, as well. Inspiring!

box just screams magickal inspiration! It’s a MUST
!! I can not
express it


Miré Molnar creator of SHA MAMA’s little helper subscription boxes was nice enough to grant us a wonderful interview.

PaganPagesOrg (PP): What brought the idea of your box to you?

Molnar (MM):
I started thinking a lot
about the importance of self care after my baby was born. So much of
my energy was flowing out to my child – but that energy came from
somewhere… It came from inside of me. So I thought a lot about what
fueled my life-force energy and what I needed to do to keep my cup
full given that I didn’t have the same freedom I’d had pre-baby (to
say, go to the Korean spa or get body work etc.). I began to find and
use really cool products that became part my daily self care ritual.
Products that supported my body, subtle body, my hormones and my
bliss. I began using CBD often and jokingly called it Mama’s Little
Helper (I’m also a Stone’s fan). I started to call all my little
herbal/witchy/beauty products Mama’s Little Helpers because they
really helped me feel balanced through any given day of motherhood.
Women and mothers in US culture typically seem very comfortable with
giving but then are not that great at receiving. Motherhood will
knock you on your ass if you don’t take care of yourself but
supporting women is just not where our culture likes to point it’s
attention. I see a lot of moms really struggle with this. I decided I
needed to offer a subscription box to support other women/mamas self
care practices and be a voice to help flood the conversation with the
message that self-care is not just ok but that it is imperative.

How did you begin them?

MM:I first started last January with a monthly Crystal Creator box on my jewelry shop that focused a lot on manifestation. It was expensive and it included a really high grade CBD oil, a Law of Attraction planner and various tinctures, body oils and hand-made witchy goodies etc. and each month I would post a ritual or something similar that connected with what was happening energetically with the cosmos and the planet.

How do you choose what to
include inside your boxes?

MM:I find a lot of great woman/mama owned brands on Instagram
and Etsy. But also people and products find me.

Is yours
a recurring monthly box?

MM:I stopped doing a full monthly self care box because the
price point was high and I think the amount of products became
overwhelming too. So now I offer a Quarterly full and half self-care
box and then I offer a monthly ritual that can
be purchased
with one supportive product or not.

Are you Pagan?

MM:I think that that’s the best word to describe my spiritual
beliefs. I find a lot of spiritual paths interesting and I
participate in all kinds of things from Thelema to Wicca to Yoga. I
like to have the freedom to make my own shit up so Paganism feels the
least constricting. I like being in rhythm with the earth and find
that ultimately that that is where my spiritual focus feels most
comfortable – with mother nature

What types of interests do you have?

MM: I’m a graphic designer, I work at a Sudbury Valley style Democratic Free school, I am an environmentalist, a feminist, civil rights activist and an artist. I love to dance, smoke Mary Jane and be creative. I was very involved in the indie rock music scene of the 90’s and early 00’s, have been in many bands and love Rock N’ Roll! I love getting high on my third eye and I love witchy, hippy, cosmic shit!

PP: Did you feel the pagan world was missing something to make you create your Box?

MM:That’s a great question. Actually I’ve been pretty impressed
with what’s available out on Instagram especially when it comes to
other woman-made, legit magickal offerings. I do notice a lot of
made-in-china Witchy/Pagan boxes and wanted to be another offering
(of the small but growing handful) that really focuses on women’s
magick (such as: herbalism, potion-making, candle-making,
soap-making, kitchen-witching) and includes products made with a lot
of high-vibe juju. If we’re really out to make magick then intention
is a huge part of that and every component that goes into a product
is incredibly important. Making sure that the products I feature use
natural ingredients, are made with consciousness and support other
women entrepreneurs is very important to me and I hope it’s what
makes my boxes stand out in the long run. 

Tell us about you, your life, what we may not know!

am the daughter of Chantal Molnar, the amazing priestess behind The
Milky Way Movie, and feel that my calling is aligned with my mother’s
and that I am here to support the empowerment of all women. I make
crystal power-jewelry with my father and have created the brand Sha
Mama Rising that includes our TalisMama jewelry shop and my Little
Helper subscription boxes. I have a 3year old daughter and a
wonderful partner and we live in Southern California.

May we have links to your
other types of products?

MM: Yes a few… You can go direct to the subscription boxes here: or you can find the boxes through my other sites: and

Thank you so much Miré Molnar for creating such a wonderful Product & for taking the time to talk with us and our readers. I can definitely say that I totally stand behind this Subscription Box and it is totally Worth the Witch!!


About the Author:

Jennifer Wright is a witch on a path of change
that is always winding. She founded PaganPagesOrg in the hopes of
giving those a platform to share and learn without judgment. There
are too many important things to her and not enough room to mention
them. You are one of them.