A Moment for Meditation

December, 2015

The 6th Chakra

As I mentioned in the previous columns, when doing any chakra work, it is imperative to keep yourself grounded. While you can use any grounding exercise that you prefer, I have always used this one in my chakra classes:

**Stand up, grip toes to the ground, long deep breathing, visualize your roots going deep into Mother Earth, keeping you grounded and centered. Inhale and bring the earth energy up to the base of your spine; exhale and let the energy return to the Earth. With each inhale, receive healing energy from the Earth; with each exhale, release all negativity. This will not hurt Mother Earth, as long as it is done for healing and revitalization. Activate your feelings of consciousness and open yourself up to the limitless possibilities surrounding you.**

*From my 7-Week Chakra Course*

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The Sixth Chakra is also called the Third Eye/BrowChakra. It’s name in Sanskrit is Ajna, which means *Perception Center*. It is located at the brow point, between the eyebrows and slightly above. This chakra is about perception, knowledge and wisdom. The color of this chakra is indigo; it’s element is Light and it is considered a “feminine” chakra.

The function of the Sixth Chakra is learning to trust your intuition. It is about connecting with the universe and its’ energies to elevate our consciousness. We we can learn how to bring focus and clarity to our thoughts. This is where we really get into the higher realms of spirituality. This chakra connects both sides of the pituitary and the brain; the right side for insight and psychic power, the left for intelligence and how we view our world.

When this chakra is balanced and functioning properly, you will be calm and peaceful. You will learn to trust and rely on the strength of your intuition when questions arise in your daily life. You will be more sensitive to your surroundings and the energies of those around you, for good or bad. You will feel a sense of oneness and connectiveness to the world and the universe it resides in. You will be as one with Nature.

Conversely, if this chakra is unbalanced, you will be confused and paranoid. You will be unwilling to consider thoughts other than your own, becoming increasingly close-minded. You will be unable to see the reality of the world around you, trusting no one, with a need to “see to believe”. Your ability to trust will be limited.

One of the exercises in Kundalini Yoga to strengthen this chakra and your intuition is called the Bowing Exercise, as follows:


Sit on your heels in a kneeling position. If this is hard for you, cross-legged is fine, or even sitting on a hard chair. Place your arms on the floor in front of you. Inhale. Exhale as you bend forward as far as you can, preferably touching your forehead to the floor. Inhale as you return to an upright position. Continue this for at least 3 minutes, inhaling up and exhaling down. (Photo Credit: yogalife-online.com)

While sitting cross-legged, you can also bring your hands into prayer pose, but with the thumbs sticking our straight. Bring the thumbs to the third eye point, pressing the tips firmly onto your brow. Close our eyes and being long deep breathing. Continue for three minutes. This will help to develop your intuition and connect you to your higher power.


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The key to strengthening this chakra is to center yourself and breathing long and deep for at least 11 minutes per day.

Additionally, for this chakra, you can do the following breath visualization meditation:

**Lie down on your back. Relax your body completely; quiet your mind. bring all of your focus to your third eye point. Bring your concentration to expanding this chakra. Feel your perception of things around you grow. Everything becomes clear and bright. Trust yourself to know that what you see is truth as your clarity grows. Bring your hand up, and press one finger upon the Ajna. Be conscious of this feeling. Know that your consciousness if there if you only tune into it. Continue to breath slowly and deeply. **

(*From my 7-Week Chakra Course*)

After the meditation, continue to lie down on the floor and relax for at least five minutes or alternately, sit quietly with a relaxed breath. Stretch your arms up toward to ceiling several times before moving.

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As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ShaktiWarriorSpirit@gmail.com

Until next month, when I will conclude the chakra series with the combined 7th and 8th Chakras , I wish you peace, joy and a happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate!

Blessings!   )O(