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March, 2018


Cover art: Ostara Spring Equinox Goddess Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Pendant by Rachael of RachaelsWireGarden Etsy shop.

About the artist: I began my wire-wrapping journey in 2013. I am self-taught, & my designs are inspired by everything in my little world. Every piece has a special story behind it, & all are thoughtfully & carefully crafted to bring each of those unique concepts to life. It’s my hope that the meaningful messages behind these designs are not missed, & that they will bring joy, hope, or even healing to anyone they touch. You can find Rachael at RachaelsWireGarden or on Facebook.


This month we usher in Spring & Ostara with offerings of inspirations! We come bearing gifts of sabbat information, brilliant articles, & illuminating reviews!


Bringing Joy to the World!  This month we interview authors Sanjiv Chopra and Gina Vild who Compel Readers to Find Happiness by Living a Purposeful Life in their newest book,”The Two Most Important Days.”


A few minutes could change your whole day.’ That’s what Headspace claims.  Our Mabh Savage continues her journey on finding Meditation Apps that are really worth your time & actually help.  This month she reviews Headspace.  Find out what she has to say!


Susan Rossi, in her review of Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity & Personal Growth by Robert Waggoner & Caroline McCready, explains for those not familiar with the concept, that lucid dreaming occurs when dreamers “wake up” inside a nighttime dream, realize they are dreaming & can direct activity in the dream.  Find out how she feels this book can help. 


The immensely talented author, artist, ecopsychologist, and naturalist Lupa talks with our resident tarotist Raushanna about her newest works; The Tarot of Bones Deck and Companion Book, her personal recommendations, and what she is working on next.  It all makes for a very intriguing interview.


This month in Worth the Witch, we feature a Sabbat Box from The Witch’in Way.  Handcrafted and filled with creative thinking this month’s Box arrived to impress.


We would like to take a moment now to Thank our Readers, the Gods, the Goddesses, & Those who Inspire us.  We are truly Blessed.


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November, 2017



Cover art: Wild Harvest By: Michelle Maiden of ElementalOtherworld 

Michelle Maiden is an English illustrator inspired by myth, folklore, ancient cultures, archaeology, shamanic and mystical traditions, the forms and forces of nature, and her own imagination. Her painting ‘Wild Harvest’ shows a wild woman decorated with the harvest from native northern European trees and hedgerows; blackthorn sloes, hawthorn and elder berries, crab apples and hazelnuts. The image was created in vivid Autumn colours using artists watercolour and pencil crayon. You can find the Wild Harvest Print, as well as the Colouring Page, to purchase at ElementalOtherworld on Etsy.



First I would like to mention that our site has won an award.  We are #15!! 


This award goes to all of the Writers who make PaganPagesOrg possible.  I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the tireless work, the late nights, the tender moments & all you do.  We are truly a labor of love.  Okay, wipe the tears…


Welcome to the November Issue of PaganPagesOrg!  We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday!  Once again we are back & with a fresh, interesting, NEW Issue of PaganPagesOrg!!   Just a few note worthy features:



Nikki Sleath’s Book Explains Witchcraft to the Unfamiliar, for PaganPagesOrg She Talks About Her Magick to the Familiar.  Lynn Woike brings us a wonderful Interview with Nikki Sleath.  



“In this book the author Thomas Hatsis embarks on a quest to research and tell the (until now largely) untold story of a magical substance called “witches’ ointment.”…Imelda Almqvist Reviews The Witches’ Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic.



In SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals we are introduced to Becky Coates, a fire performer that uses her talent with fire to do Fire Clearings.  



Worth the Witch, this month, explores a recurring, monthly Pagan box subscription, Box of ShadowsWe break it down to let you know what we really think!   


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