Crystal Connections

April, 2017




(Pictured here are a few of my older pieces. Image courtesy: Shijewels

Talismans and amulets are often pieces or objects that are believed to be protective, magical or bare a special importance to the wearer. They have been around throughout history and were often made from crystals by witches, shamans and alchemists.

Throughout the stages of my own spiritual path I have worn pieces that held significant meaning to me, some for the symbols that represent my love for the Goddess, my spirituality, and others for the metaphysical assistance that I needed from the stones. Each one has it’s own unique qualities and symbolizes a specific period of time in my journey.



(These are pieces that I wear everyday.Image courtesy: Shijewels

The Moonstone and Turquoise ring was made with a purpose, I make and sell jewelry so I felt it was vital to have something that helped me with self doubt, focus and creativity. Moonstones are known to intensify the feminine Goddess energy, strengthens intuition and enhances creativity. It’s said that this stone brings balance, harmony and hope to those that wear it. Though Turquoise is a protective stone, it also helps dispel any self-sabotaging tendencies as well as assisting in creative expression. I made this ring to wear on my middle finger, which is ruled by Saturn and is related to our purpose in life. It’s also believed that wearing a ring on this finger supports focus and staying true to your own path.

The necklace with the three charms is probably one of my oldest and certainly the most beloved talisman that I have. The spiral represents my journey, the moonstone represents my intuitiveness and connection to the feminine Divine and the Pentacle represents the heart of it all. Three small very simple charms that hold deeply personal and powerful meanings.

These are just a handful of amulets and talismans that I’ve owned over the years. I’ve purchased some, been gifted a few and have made the rest, each one playing a significant roll in my life. As my life changes so have they, and I look forward to what new pieces I’m called to or that are called to me.

Spiralled Edges

September, 2015

Messages from the Goddess Amulets

It’s the Harvest Season, and I have gone to the Amulets of the Goddess to ask them what messages they have for us. What can they tell us about our personal harvest? This was what they had to say.


Primal Mother and Child



Know that you belong and you are loved. You have a place and a purpose on the Earth. Cultivate a richer and deeper sense of being a part of the world, of being a part of yourself. Accept the unconditional love that is there for you.

The love of a mother for her child. The love of the Universe for you. Take this love. Embrace it. Know that it is there for you and it will enable you to achieve greatness. Not the greatness as you define it with fame and riches. But deep within.

What you are cultivating, what you are growing is yourself. And what you are harvesting is your life.


Hand with seeds



You alone hold the seeds of who you are. Though some may try to take them, they belong only to you.

These seeds cannot be taken, no matter what others say. No matter what you may be led to believe. Always they are in your hand.

You can be made to think they no longer exist. This is illusion.

Only you can hold your seeds. But only you can plant them.

If you never let go of your seeds, your hopes and dreams, your wishes, your desires, if you never plant the seeds you wish to grow, there can never be a harvest.

Open your hand. What seeds do you hold? Are they seeds of beauty that will grow to nourish your heart? Are they seeds of ugliness that will choke out the good things in your life and hold you back as a person?

No one can take your seeds, but only you can plant them. You can choose which ones are allowed to grow. Plant them all. Let them transform. Even the ugliest seed can transform into the most beautiful flower.





Sometimes, we don’t know what will come from a seed. Perhaps we have held it so long we’ve forgotten. Perhaps we’ve been told too many times all you seeds are ugly seeds. Perhaps they’ve been hidden for too long.

It’s okay to plant them. It’s okay to trust that in planting a seed there will be a time of uncertainty. A time of not knowing. We cannot see the changes happening within a seed once we plant it. Until then, we must trust that change is happening outside of our view and outside of our control.

We can only see the seedling once it pushes out of the ground. Then we can fully see what this seed means for us. How it can transform us. Even an ugly seed allowed to grow can transform into something beautiful.

Trust what is growing and transforming outside of your awareness and control.





Let go of your fears. Plant the seeds you hold in your hand.

Fear keeps us from seeing the unconditional love of Mother Universe. Dear keeps us from letting go of our seeds. Fear keeps us from planting them and allowing them to grow. Fear keeps us from harvesting them when are ripe.

Is fear the seed you hold in your hand? Plant it, water it, and let it transform. By clenching this seed in your hand you allow it to root within your soul. Take it. Look at it. Plant it. And let it become a thing of beauty that will nourish your soul.





Are the seeds you hold seeds of anger? We are told so many times that anger is wrong, anger is bad, anger should never be felt.

So we clench the seeds of anger tightly in our fist. We hold to it so tightly, because we dear what may happen should we let go.

Plant your seeds of anger. Let go of them. Don’t clench them in your fist. Put them in the Earth. Let them be transformed into a seed that can bring beauty into your world.

Each of us holds the seeds of who we are in our hands. While harvesting the fruits is important, it is even more important that we plant those seeds. They cannot grow and transform into beauty if we hold them forever in our hands.

The set used for these readings is called Amulets of the Goddess and were created by the artist and author, Nancy Blair. I have been working with these amulets for over 20 years. Information on personal readings can be found on my blog.

Images all taken by author